UPS Adds Three "Next Generation" Training Centers

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    Additional UPS Integrad learning sites accelerate driver and management training across the U.S.

    UPS® (NYSE: UPS) today announced the addition of three new UPS Integrad™ driver training locations in Dallas, Phoenix, and Portland, Ore. There are currently UPS Integrad locations in Franklin Park, Ill., and Landover, Md.

    UPS Integrad training centers provide drivers with experiential training, modeled on the philosophy of "teach me, show me, let me." Drivers learn the UPS driving and service methods, are shown how the methods work, and then practice them in a realistic, hands-on fashion. UPS Integrad uses a mixture of 3-D computer simulations, webcast learning modules and traditional classroom instruction to compliment hands-on safety, delivery and customer service training in a controlled environment. UPS Integrad also provides driver supervisors with an experiential "train-the-trainer" education.

    "This is an investment in our workforce that we know pays dividends," said Anne Schwartz, UPS vice president of global leadership and talent development. "UPS Integrad trains our drivers to be safer, more efficient and, ultimately, to give better service to our customers."

    UPS initially worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech and the Institute for the Future to study the way young people learn in an increasingly computerized culture. Since the first UPS Integrad site opened in Landover, Md., in 2007, UPS has seen dramatic improvement in safety, production and service indices, as well as workforce retention.

    "Our new drivers tell us they are more confident and better prepared to serve customers after attending training at UPS Integrad," Schwartz said.

    The Phoenix facility welcomed its first students in October. The Portland facility is scheduled to open late fourth quarter of 2014, and the Dallas site is scheduled to open in mid-2015.