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    I work at one hub as a part time loader, but I'm thinking about moving to a different one. My current hub is really flexible. They don't really care if I come in late or miss a day here and there.

    The hub and shift I want to go to works around 8 hour days. I don't want to work a full time job and go to school full time and balance a social life at the same time. The turtle wins the race, and I'd rather enjoy my life. So, for comparison, do you think your hub would let a college student PT loader work 4 days a week?

    But, the other shift gets 5 hours. I wonder if they would let me work 4 days a week, too/either.
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    Sure and if you play it right they will give you cookies and milk at break and a nice trophy for showing up when you punch out each day.
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  4. ColdPenguin

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    So, they lied when they said they were flexible with students in my orientation.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Flexible means letting you come in a few minutes late or leaving a few minutes early. Flexible does not mean working just a 4 day schedule.
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    There are a few loaders in my center that only work tues - fri and mon - thur, but you won't know until u ask. Be assertive and talk to the center manager (not ur PT Sup) and tell them what you want..
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    I'm close to the center. You could crash here to cut down on drive time.
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    They wouldn't allow that here. To many would complain, "I have more seniority, I should only have to work four days a week." or " Why does he get to go home early, I have more time put in." Things like that would cause conflict at my hub so they wouldn't even allow it. The only thing I have seen is if they are military, they will allow them to miss work.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would have no problem with someone starting or leaving a few minutes early/late if they were going to school.

    I would have a problem with someone working less than a 5 day per week schedule.
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    You took a job that's 5 days a week and they let u know the hour range.

    Sounds like you want to work when it's convenient for u.
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  11. AndUPSER

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    We have college students that only work 2 days a week at my hub. I think the main reason they allow it is because our turnover is ridiculously high.
  12. Nope. It's a 5 day a week job. That's what you signed up for.
    No, they didn't lie. I let guys leave early daily to go home and study for an exam or do homework. Flexible isn't a day off. Flexible is ignoring you're late or giving you a day off here and there because you have 4 exams the next day.
    I would argue, in my center at least, the PT Sup is the better option. Our center manager would laugh in your face if you asked him that.

    You signed up for a 5 day a week job. That's what you get. If you want 4 days so you can party on Friday, well that just sucks, go work for Target.

    I always love when guys tell me "Oh but I go to school." I go to school from 8-12 every day, internship 1230-515, and UPS from 545-1115. Does it suck? Sometimes. But UPS is about the perfect job for a college student IMO.
  13. clean hairy

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    This sounds quite similar to a question asked about the mckinney building.
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    It depends on the building. There are people at my center who just work enough hours to get their medical and pay their union dues. So it just depends on the building and the volume they get. Ups will tell you one thing but do a different things. Their really not consistent with anything they do.
  15. bleedinbrown58

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    Sure...I'm gonna ask my sup on Monday if I can have fridays off because I think I'm special.
  16. ColdPenguin

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    Well, if you do something, that must mean everyone else is capable of and should do the same thing. Makes sense to me. Your grades must be :censored2:e. And, obviously whether or not that's true, you're going to come back with, "I have a 4.0 GPA." Or whatever such and such GPA. And, even if that were true, *I* can't do it. I've tried. Thus this question. I'll just ask my FT. He's pretty chill anyway, so he probably will.

    Sounds like you want to work when it's convenient for u.[/QUOTE]

    Damn right. Do you say the same to union members wanting increased benefits? What would have happened if the people who unionized just said, "Oh, well, this is what we're offered, so we should just take it and man up and shut up about anything that helps us with our lives."

    I go for what I want and what works best for me. Is that really a bad thing? I don't know how pretty much everyone here can just switch it up like it's the worst imaginable thing possible for me to want to work 4 days a week. What if I said the same about everyone wanting dental? "Oh, you just want benefits because they're beneficial to you." Ummm. Yeaaaah.

    Thing is, not only is it beneficial to me, it's beneficial to the hub, because I won't feel like I'm forced to work 5 days a week. If that turns out to be the case, I'll just start hardly doing anything like most of the other loaders. Take my time, and not bust my ass like I do now.

    At my center, the parking lot is so packed, it's hard to find a spot to park. On Friday? The thing is half empty. At my hub, *every* Friday there are people not coming in. And a lot of them.

    So, from my perspective, it's not like I'm asking for much, since people hardly come in here anyway.

    This is my primary move. If it doesn't work out, then I've been told by a cover driver that they can work 2 or 3 days a week if they want to, then they make 18 an hour, so that works out better for me, anyway. I could work 15 hours a week and get paid the same as if I'd worked 25 as a loader.
  17. Austin.Was.My.Hero

    Austin.Was.My.Hero quod erat demonstrandum

    Being flexible and working with you is different than what you're looking for.
    You want UPS to comply with your every wish. Good luck finding any company to do that.
  18. FiXiE.GuRL

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    Are you enrolled in school now? You use commas way to much, and where they don't belong.
  19. My grades actually aren't :censored2:. Because instead of getting blasted Friday, Saturday, and recovering all day Sunday I'm doing my preparation for the week.

    I wish I had a 4.0. But a 3.0, great resume, and great letters of recommendation will make up for that grade point.

    If your FT is so chill, why did you have to come here and ask instead of just going to your FT? Hmmmm
    You're one of the me me me mes of this generation. You'll wake up one day and see you aren't the center of the universe.
    Ah yes. Just pout so you get your way. Let me let you into a little secret from the supervisor side of things. I won't reward mediocrity. If you want to half ass it, go for it. But good luck if you need to get off early to study.
    You know why? Because they are seniority employees who worked 5 days a week and they're taking option days.

    Imagine that, working to earn something instead of just doing it your way.
    Man you are really clueless as to how this works. Cover drivers may only work a few days a week. But sometimes they work a full 8 and other days they work 3-4. Good luck with school if you're going to be working 8.
  20. TooTechie

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    Pt sup works longer hours