UPS as portrayed on stage and screen?

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    I know UPS has figured prominently in Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, Legally Blonde: The Musical and Edtv. Don't know about Legally Blondes though. I remember seeing a UPS truck on Cheers a lot. I used to get irritated when during NFL games sponsored by UPS they showed an animated truck backing up and beeping like a garbage collection truck. We tap our horn when backing! King of Queens was sort of a UPS based show, but for the purpose of this thread I'm sticking with official UPS trucks and uniforms being portrayed. Any other examples you guys can think of?
    Of course, there are countless commercials, but I'm still talking about things that UPS officially endorsed to be used in entities out of their direct control.
    On a side note, I walked into a reality show being filmed while attempting to make a delivery and they wanted me to sign a release form so that they could use my image. I refused, called the center for clarification, and was told to refuse to do so anyway. I've also been asked to participate in several "man on the street" interviews but had to refuse since I was wearing my "browns" and was working at the time.
  2. over9five

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    George of the Jungle!

    He shipped himself back to his home. A ups truck delivered him (in a box) complete with Intl ASD and an over 70 label.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Rumor is the producers of "Castaway" first asked UPS if they wanted to be in the movie and they declined.
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    From the IMDb trivia section for Cast Away:

    Contrary to popular belief, FedEx did not pay the filmmakers anything for their presence in the movie. The director has made this clear in a number of interviews. While FedEx was very concerned when they heard about the project, they had no objections to the finished script and offered support during filming, with the company later stating that the movie was very good for FedEx business in general and in overseas markets in particular.

    Don't know if it's true as anyone can make submissions.

    On another note, I can't seem to see my original post when I click on this thread?!
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    Can't understand how a movie of a Fedex plane crashing into the ocean losing thousands of packages would make people want to ship Fedex....!
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You mean other than the part where Tom Hanks did everything that he could to get the sort down on time and then did all that he could to try to deliver as many of the salvaged packages that he could?
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    I remember the Train scene in Silence of the Lambs.
  8. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    "Ace Ventura" was great. Who hasn't kicked a parcel or two?

    Even better was "Action Jackson"!..."It's COD"! If you never seen this, google the clip.
  9. SnakePlissken

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    Actually, Ace wore an "HDS" uniform. I'm looking for officially endorsed UPS appearances.
  10. ORLY!?!

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    Sounds broken.
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    Amazingly the drivers are always smiling and happy.. Why dont they show MGMT conveying threats and harassing us ?? They put on a good show, if only the public could see how it truly is.. !
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    The South Park episode was good
  13. Johney

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    He only saved one.
  14. brownmonster

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    Watching Off Their Rockers as we speak and a UPS guy walked out of a building with a coffee and a bag of something.
  15. oldngray

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    Tom Hanks opened those other packages. FedEx should have fired him. UPS certainly would have.
  16. sigreq

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    Dodgeball. They're uniforms came in a box w a huge ups logo on the side of it. Great movie
  17. OptimusPrime

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    Damn. Can't seem to find it on Youtube. The opening for the show House clearly shows a white topped UPS truck.
  18. Shifting Contents

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    Tomb Raider. UPS Guy drives up REAL fast in an old gas 1000. Laura Crofts mansion is destroyed having been attacked the night before. English UPS Guy asks her what happened and she gives some flippant reply. I don't remember what she said. Heck, I don't remember most of that movie. Was distracted by boobies.
  19. Cementups

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    Jenna Elfman's character in ED-TV was a UPS driver. #HOT!!!

  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes, there is a UPS pkg car parked in the loop in front of the hospital.