ups backed house mortgage


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I've never used the EAP but it's my understanding it is for persons who feel they need psychological/psychiatric treatment and, perhaps, drug/alcohol treatment. It is supposed to be completely confidential.
Pretend you owned "Lobofan's Trucking Service" and you had such a program for your employees. How long would you pay 60-120 an hour for an employee to get counseling? Wouldn't you want feedback to know if that employee is suitable to drive a CMV? Sure, put nothing on paper so it can't be proven confidentaility was violated but phone calls are difficult to prove.
Some people believe that nothing is confidential at our workplace. I've been there 25+ years and have seen things that should have been confidential become public knowledge.
The same goes for a company backed mortgage. I wouldn't give the company that much control over my life.


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beatup, do you like them because of dave ramsey or is it totally separate from his endoesement of the company? If you have used them, what do you like about this company....there are SOOOO many mortgage companies out there. Most of them are Exactly the same when it comes to rates and fees.