ups bent me over big time and the union...Termination

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    Ok so this is a really a big deal right now and ups or the union have not helped me out one bit they just pretty much gave up on me after 10 years of service and my first time being in trouble. I got pulled over for an DUI, not for drinking for perscription drugs from a work comp injurey on my shoulder. UPS knew i was taking the meds the whole time and nothing was said about it until getting pulled over. So the next day I went to work, the center manger said don't worrie you wont lose your job, there has been many other drivers that have done some **** and they still have there job. So i was called into the office. They didn't say i was fired and that i would be back in a couple of days but until then i was to be sent home and i was escorted out the hub. I recieved a discharge letter 6 days later ceritified mail. The bussiness agent keep giving me the run away saying don't worrie you can't lose your job it was persciption meds you have nothing to be worried about. So days went by and nothing happen tell almost a month later. My union rep called me 45min before pre pannel to say i needed to be there by 10:00. Not even calling my phone my wifes phone after i've been calling him day after day to see whats going on. He had my number. So going to pannel I found out that i recieved a termination letter by mail, I said know i didn't and they said yes you did we have our copy right here it went to -------- address and i said NO that's not my address and i didn't receive it. But i recived my last pay check next day air ups to the right address. So all along they had my right address but, thats odd the termintion letter didn't make it to me. So I filled an grevince and the union rep finally called me back because of the grevince and said pretty much give up stop wasting your time and go find a new job. So I question the union about the sap program and he said thats not an option stop trying. So i gave up on him and been trying to call the secretary of treasure time after time and even going down to the union hall to catch him and nothing no one will talk to me or return my calls. I'm so feed up with them i have contacted an attorney and meet with him next week. What do you guys think??? Any good info would help me out.
    My shop stewards and other drivers say i should have had a chance to go to arbitration or the sap program to save my job and niether where offered to me.
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    So which part are you lying about? Im betting its the wrong address thing since you admit you got a discharge letter.
  3. drewed

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    And what would the difference be between a term letter and a discharge letter?
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    The Milk don't taste right with your whole story...what are you leaving out from the story? If you had a prescription for painkillers, and could produce even a copy, this would have went away. How did your court case work out since you were arrested? It sounds to me like you were convicted, and you even said you received a termination letter 6 days later, was it not the same letter that they had a copy of? Your story doesn't add up, and I will be the first to call you out as a liar.
  5. UnsurePost

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    DUI for possessing or using painkillers? eh?

    If you are a driver, FORGET IT. DOT regulations mandate that you cannot use certain class painkillers and operate a vehicle.

    P.S. even if you were't DOT certified and operating vehicles, what happened to the DUI? YOu must have been convicted then?

    Yes you can enter a SAP but the contract probably reads that you have a certain timeframe to enter this (which is AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT), not weeks or months later. I am not sure about that part but it's worth looking into. I do know You simply cannot "hope for the best" and then after your world caves in, try to enter the SAP once the discplline process has been underway. You need to get into SAP -ASAP- to save your job, period.
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    why would you enter the SAP program if you were taking a legally prescribed medication?
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    If they are prescribed and you are taking them as directed you are okay (even driving on the clock if the prescribing physician says it's okay to operate your work vehicle).

    (c) Paragraphs (a) (2), (3), and (4) do not apply to the possession or use of a substance administered to a driver by or under the instructions of a licensed medical practitioner, as defined in §382.107 of this subchapter, who has advised the driver that the substance will not affect the driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
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    Lets clarify a couple of things.

    Did you get pulled over while driving a UPS truck ?

    Why where you pulled over (speeding, accident, reckless driving) ?

    What type of medication where you taken?

    You conveniently leave out details that make people wonder what you are trying to hide. If you where taken pain medication for a shoulder injury you problably where higher then a kite since you use your shoulders all day long.
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    Well if you are telling the truth, that sucks! But if you are making a big lie than shame on you! Your story is a little shaky.:dissapointed:
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    Well, sexyups man, if his story is shaky , your whole story is registering a 10.6 on the richter scale. On a total tangent ,I couldn't re-locate the thread yesterday that branched in cruises (norweigan, carnival , etc) but I was looking forward to your unique perspective on cruises given that you probably been on a few of them that were probably theme based(i.e joyous, happy, festive,) replete with lounge acts with malesnin drag doing the greatest hits of judy garland or maybe debbie gibson performing. Enlighten us , Smithers! Speaking of cruising, isn't that essentially what you are doing here, troll.?
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    That's the first thing I noticed as well.
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    What vehicle was he driving? If he got pulled over wasted, driving his own car, how could he be fired for that, so it had to be a UPS truck, right?:confused2:
  13. Top Fuel Friday

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    Was your license revoked because of your DUI, and was it your first one?
  14. backinbrown

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    Something wrong here

    tell us more
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    Wow! Bitchy arent we? What is your problem? Am I the only one here that read the holes in his story? For future reference we are not all that festive! So take your old world bigotry and shove it! As far as cruising this sight, I have just as much right to be here as you. No trolling going on here buddy boy!
  16. UnsurePost

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    None of this really matters because we don't know the story. The fact is, if he was that intoxicated by these drugs PLUS convicted of a DUI for operating under controlled substances, and that is the entier story, the doctor is at fault if anyone is for the RTW status or anything beyond. UNLESS the person was abusing the drugs and a blood test confirmed it.
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    Yea you are kinda bitchy....his point is valid youre not really brining anything to the table beyond wanting to **** your driver, so either do it and be happy move to cali and get a marriage and join as a spouse OR shhhhhhhh and walk away....walk away cowboy....walk away
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    out of curiosity, when you were pulled over, how did the police know you were using painkillers? Thats not something that will register on a breath test. They could have administered a field sobriety test on you, but you would have to be REALLY wasted from those painkillers to fail that test. You must be leaving out some pertinent info here.... Were you swerving through lanes? were you unable to make complete sentences? running red lights?

    asking about painkillers is not standard operating procedure and the police officer must of noticed some unsafe driving behavior to ask you about it.

    MY point is... If you were intoxicated enough from prescription meds and decided to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, its no different from drinking and driving.
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    Whatever dude! It seems that this site is full of jerks! I didnt do or say anything and I get attacked for what? Being gay? Get a life. I come here to have a little fun and discuss UPS which I spend quite a bit of money on and I self promote every single day. If I see anyone using the other courier service I always say dont use them use UPS. So sorry for being a pain to any of you I guess I made a mistake.
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    Part of the problem of the problem with you is youre throwing you sexuality at us....I dont care whod you bang, whos hot, what festivities you do on cruises and whatever you choose to do in your personal life, thank you for your support of UPS but if id put up a thread about who id bang id be belittling should see it the same way, sooo cool it on the banging guys thing in the group.... alot of people here have little eyes and rather not have them read such things.