Ups better wakeup...shippers are bailing.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hoopdedoo, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. hoopdedoo

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    Shippers are getting nervous. They don't want to get caught with their pants down. UPS execs are making a big mistake ala the TNT debacle. Somebody at the top better start thinking things through. Teamster members and retirees should be able to keep their current healthcare plans without paying a dime more. This is not going to hurt UPS as much as managers and supervisors on a package car will.
  2. cachsux

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    Name them.
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    That's an awful hard case to sell in the lowest-volume fiscal quarter of the year. The contract was extended indefinitely by the IBT UPS negotiating committee -- I don't think any shippers are "getting nervous." All they care about is a work stoppage and the IBT has been pretty clear that ain't happening.
  4. UPSGUY72

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    Perfectly said. Nobody is going on strike they would be shooting themselves in both feet.

    Even with lower Volume UPS is still on track to make more than they did last year just not as much as they wanted to.
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    Piedmont, I love you brother. Please don't use the word indefinitely. That was a word coined by Flip Flop Fred Suckerman and Tim "Sausage Neck" Sylvester. Either side has a 30 day notice to terminate talks. That is hardly indefinite. ;)
  6. hoopdedoo

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    "The company said package volume growth had also been hurt by labor issues. Last month it said its Teamsters union workers had approved a five-year contract covering about 235,000 employees, but contracts for freight workers and 17 local supplemental contracts had not been settled." That quote was from UPS reported by Reuters on 7/12/13. It didn't give any shipper names.
  7. cachsux

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    Oh, Hearsay Inc stopped shipping.
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    I agree Piedmont...UPS told their shippers that for all intense and purposes, the contract has been ratified...they, the union and the company, just need to tweak a few things in the contract, but that it is business as usual for both parties. I am sure FedEx is telling UPS shippers that they should switch because the union turned down the UPS contract. Nobody is going I said, it is business as usual and we will just work without a contract. We have done it before.
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    What lower volume? Been getting our butts handed to us on that brown platter daily.
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    Umm my paychecks beg to differ. Check out the Christmas in July thread.
  11. Gumby

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    Ive never seen this many packages in July.!! Where is my helper?????....LOL
  12. Hawfuh Sux

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    Send us the 2nd and 3rd ballots so we can vote NO and legally gain the right to strike.

    I hope we lose more business. Screw Hoffa and all of you pro-company gutless cowards!
  13. brownmonster

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    People on both sides are paid a lot more than I am to figure all of this stuff out. In the meantime I'll keep trucking along. I think it's beer-thirty.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm still waiting for Amazon to bail. Weren't they supposed to bail already? I mean its been foretold here numerous times this year so its going to happen for sure right??
  15. cachsux

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    When and if it should hit the fan how far from the point of being laid off as a consequence are you?
  16. cachsux

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    We have trailers of Amazon falling out our ass at CACH. Must be bailing on just you guys.
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    Quit scaring people Can you state what shippers you are talking about? Reveal your sources
  18. Gumby

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    Screw Hoffa and hall.......just don't scare the customers!!!!!!!
  19. Johney

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    In the past years I have had shippers ask me about contract talks and strike threats and what I knew or heard. I have yet to hear a peep from anyone about it this time around. Business as usual here.
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    A proud graduate of the TOS making things up school.
    Put that certificate on your bathroom wall.