UPS Can Do Green for You

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    UPS Can Do Green for You - Tonic

    Delta's offering it. The show "24" is doing it. Even the Vatican is going down that path. Carbon neutrality; it's all the rage. And guess who's joining the party now? United Parcel Service.

    For a small fee, you'll be able to ship something with UPS and do so in a carbon neutral fashion. According to this CSRwire release, the shipping company became the "first small package carrier" to offer this option to its customers.
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    I must admit, green clothing would look nicer then brown, and go with a new slogan.
    Men from Mars ! LOL

    But seriously, whats the fee for ? Cap trade, that doesn't even exist (yet) ? And hopefully never will for a long time.
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    Carbon Offsets?!? It's the biggest con game so far this century. The earth isn't dying! It has it's own cycle. If anything I like to think UPS is covering their ass for some kind of cap and tax bill.