UPS delivering like it's Christmas during coronavirus outbreak

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    UPS delivering like it's Christmas during coronavirus outbreak - WTSP

    As you're home, you may be shopping more online, which means those packages have to get delivered.

    One industry that is thriving right now are delivery services. Are you doing a lot of online shopping? Or maybe ordering things you usually wouldn't?

    UPS drivers say this time of year is typically slower, but it's really picked up over the last couple of months.
  2. Ghost in the Darkness

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    No helpers here.
  3. olroadbeech

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    We have curtailed our online shopping because of this . You guys will be burnt out before the annual peak gets here.
  4. gman042

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    Not delivering like it is Christmas.
    I never have worked this hard during Christmas.
    And the company just keeps wanting more.....
  5. Est.1998

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    I agree.
    Peak season volume was lighter plus we had a helper due to the 9.5 push.
    I'm running 60+ more stops than the heaviest day of peak M-F!
    If this continues, drivers will be burned out by summer.
    Slowing down ones pace won't prevent the decay of morale and consistent heavy days.
  6. Ghost in the Darkness

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    We had great weather this last weekend... I got a lot accomplished. Cut down a lot of trees... was good and tired Monday. I've been over 9.5 everday this weekend. Bring it on ups and everyone ordering non-essential junk. I keep getting tipped by my customers as well... as a thank you for being "essential". They can have my available DOT hours of service. But I didn't volunteer for Saturday though.
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  7. Over70irregs

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    Take hour lunches. Take all breaks. File.......
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  8. olroadbeech

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    I used to tell the bosses whenever they complained about me taking my lunches and breaks or working at a steady pace that hey you taught us to "get the big picture" RIGHT?????

    it's not a sprint , it's a marathon. and we can not be putting out fires for them every single day.

    if everyone just did their jobs and paced themselves they would have to hire more drivers.

    They tried like heck to pressure me in going faster but I never did . When they complained about my times I insisted on a ride along so they could maybe help me with work methods or help me save time and be more efficient.

    Every ridealong was usually about 45 minutes LONGER than my usual day and they couldn't find anything wrong with what I was doing.After a couple of these they left me alone.
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  9. What'dyabringmetoday???

    What'dyabringmetoday??? Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much.
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