Ups denying damage claims

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by downtowner, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. downtowner

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    Morning pcms for this year relate heavily on lost volume and how the competition is gaining. We are begged (for leads) to bring new customers into the system. On my route I've had numerous customers denied claims for damaged pkgs.
    Anyone else feel that we(hourly) are bringing business and mgmt is driving business away
  2. over9five

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    I am asked for leads often by my management team. However, I believe the sales lead process is flawed. Turning in a lead (on paper or thru the diad) goes nowhere. Some idiot a million miles away calls your lead. The conversation goes like this (IMHO):
    "Hello, this is UPS. Can we interest you in our services?"
    "Well, we use Fedex right now"
    "OK, bye"

    Well, anyhow, if I have a lead now, I tell a service rep. If someone actually visits these leads, we stand a much better chance of obtaining volume.

    UPS used to just grant claims, no questions asked. Maybe its good theyre making it a little harder now. (Remember Im saying this without knowing specifics, so dont slam me!).
  3. rushfan

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    I turn in my leads on paper to the local account executive. She said it was best to do it that way.
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    That is nice that you can do that. We have 5 account execs and havent seen a one in over 3 years. If they had a face and we could see one once in a while I think it would make a big difference.