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    1) Richmond = bichmond
    2) Harristown = grumpytown........:grounch_day:

    3) The following terminals rock: Brooklyn, Philly, Hagerstown (md), Cumberland (md), DC, Norfolk(va), Waynesboro(va),Moonachie (nj), Portland (maine), Elkton(md) Federalsburg(md). Pittsburgh, Pottstown (pa), York (pa)

    4) Baltimore is dirty and needs to be cleaned up, and the lot needs to be repaved, but otherwise ok. Also, they need MORE lights on the dock.
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    You need to talk to someone about hours worked. What do they consider the hours mileage towards hours work because I don't see enough hours there to make a full years retirement. Even considering we have 3 monthes available you don't have the required 1500 hours to earn a full credit.
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    This week was not typical in that i worked at small pack the day after thanksgiving and thus made a crapload of overtime as you can see.

    As i said, i would never work at small pack permanently. Too boring and the atmosphere is just weird to me. It's ok to make extra $$$ though.

    Although the question is now moot because corporate says we cannot go to small pack anymore.
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    1) i apologize for not doing too well this year; i'll try better next year. OR, i may have to accept that i'm a $60,000-a-year man and will have to budget for this. Now, i DID NOT reach full pay scale until august, so that may have been a factor.

    2) Tractors don't have enough caster, fuel tanks too small, little bit of "estrogen poisoning" going on at a few terminals. Other than that, i STILL think this is a great gig and good place to work.
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    2018 W-2's posted:


    $81,000---LAME :(
    i apologize profusely, and will try better this year.
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    Getting there....


    i have to say that i did work 6 days (technically 7) and i did stay in the hotel twice this week. i think i had like 3 mins left on my 70hr limit this week. Felt zombied-out and felt like i was underwater and the end of the week. i think i will scale down.

    i stayed in the hotel because i simply ran out of hours on night. And then the second night, i was having tractor problems. So, going home would be very risky---was right on the line for running out of hours; IF traffic was ok AND the tractor could make it back, then i would have made it. IF i had the shop take care of it and then tried to go home i wouldn't have the hours. Plus i was just tired anyways, so i decided to just go to the hotel.

    Normally, i average staying in a hotel maybe once every two weeks when i 'm doing extra-board.

    Other complaints in an otherwise incredible job, in my opinion:

    1) Estrogen poisoning, in certain terminals:
    If you don't mind being spoken to like a little kid and having certain "managers" talk to you like they're your mommy, then you'll be just fine. Now, why do they do this? Is it so they can feel power? Do they feel like they MUST talk like this or else no-one will take them seriously? i will address these concerns and the subject of estrogen poisoning in the workplace when there is more time. (NOTE: Not all female managers are like this, actually just a small % are.)

    2) Fuel tanks too damn small:
    We have to fill up everynight. We don't haul heavy in LTL (usually). So why not order trucks with larger tanks? Average weight, i think, is about 8000 per trailer. Usually 2 trailers. And lots of empty trailers.

    Good points in an incredible job in my opinion.
    Still having a blast, making i think good money with good benefits.
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    i think i only worked three days last week; We had a snow day and i sat out one day. Normally we run hot and heavy, but lately, for some reason I'M not. Maybe others are?
    i am extra-board now on a non-guaranteed run----which means i may sit out (and not get paid either).
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    sORRY i haven't posted in a while:

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    Sorry i haven't posted in a while.

    Will try to post more often.
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