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    Hey everyone. I'm new to UPS. This is my third week and I am loving it so far! I work out on the Air ramps. Anyways, I was looking on and was amazed at how many employee discounts we get. The question I have is, has anyone ordered something from J&R and got it at wholesale price? If so, how much did they take off?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why don't you just go to their website, put an item in your cart, and then go to checkout to find out for yourself? Just don't click on "Submit order".
  3. chev

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    I find that some of the discounts are not worth the site they are posted on. Be careful and comparison shop. Many times I have gone to use the "employee exclusive" discount and found the same item cheaper elsewhere.
    Don't get me wrong. Some of the discounts are great. We get nice discounts on many mobile phone carriers. :wink2:
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    Recently went to BestBuy to buy a Sony Home theater system.They wanted $575.Went to J&R site and got it for $336.You have to shop around.
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    The celluar service with Sprint AT&T is a great place to get a discount. I second that! The discount really makes a difference. You are given the corporate discount. Opens you up to adding phione lines at a cheap price and even exchanges or upgrade can cost you nothing!!!!!
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    Panasonic is good,Sharp has specials occasionally as does Dell on electronics. I would think they would be the last place I would buy a tv but they were cheaper by a country mile.
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    Don't you have to call JR for their discount? I have never seen any nominal discount directly on their site
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    No,connect to their link thru UPSers.It will identify you as a UPS employee.