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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by moreluck, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Just driving home from Vegas this morning and noticed a huge building that used to be a trucking company. Now it says, UPS Distribution Center. It's just off the I-15 at Norco and near Mira Loma Race Horses Farm. This thing is really big. Seems like 2 city blocks long. It wasn't there on our last drive in July. I was impressed.
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    2 city blocks long is kinda small for a UPS facility.
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    it is depending on where your from
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    Was that in Sparks Nev.? I don't know why but Sparks is a big distribution point for many companies and I think I heard one time UPS had a big presense there.
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    wkmac....It was in Norco, CA. (suburbs)
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    Wkmac, UPS owns the industrial park (120 acres) that they operate out of in Sparks Nv. They are surrounded by companys like GM Parts and many other wholesalers who serve Northern Nevada and North California.
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    Another big reason Sparks NV is popular with shippers is the proximity to the California markets and taxes. California has inventory taxes and companies avoid these by being in Nevada.
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    UPS purchased 200 acres in Sparks( sister city to Reno), Nevada the 1980's and has developed it( UPS Vista Properties) ---The UPS Sparks facility is in the middle of it and previous UPS facilities in California have relocated there---Region Automotive Parts-----Region Supply---now Supply Chain Solutions runs the huge Distribution Warehouses..UPS is surrounded by a lot of the large companies who distribute to the west coast---GM/RCA/Pharmacutical companies--book distributors--you name it , they are in Sparks.I can't imagine UPS opening a warehouse in So Calif unless it is a UPS SCS warehouse that we are going to operate for processing of other companies product distribution.

    UPS handles all of the shipping/distribution for HP in No Calif (Rocklin)and I think that may be something that is going to happen in Norco---a UPS Distribution Warehouse to handle----heavy freight (Overnite) and air freight (Menlo Logistics) for ???? some huge companies in the south??
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    is that where the sparks report orginated? see how many of you know what I am talking about.
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    UPS79-it's the SPARCS not sparks report and tells UPS exactly what the driver did and when.
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    Before you ask-------yes, you can get a SPARCS report if you happen to be in Sparks, Nevada........what does this have to do with a Distribution Center?