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I figured there would be some good stories here. Here is my recurring dream (nightmare).

It always revolves around NDAs and getting out of the building. Either I can't find my airs or I'm running late getting out of the bldg. Wonder how long I have to be retired before I stop having these dreams.:lol:


I sporatically have this weird dream of being in an abandoned mall parking lot with hunderds of abandoned package cars.I seem to walk around forever trying to find mine to no avail.Then I wake up and go to work.


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Ive dreamt that however many pkgs i deliver, everytime i open the back door the car is no emptier than it was before.

This has reely happened to me.

I think it was a preview of hell.

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I can remember during peak season twenty years ago I used to "deliver packages in my sleep". As time went by, I was able to train myself not to have these nightmares anymore. I remember one where I was working and looked down to discover I wasn't wearing pants.....:w00t:


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Only have had UPS dreams when I used to preload... generally
it was an argument with a preload sup... LOL

Otherwise I dream of butterflies and retirement... ;)


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I'm in an area that I vaguely remember and all the pkgs have messed up addresses.......I'm running way behind & everytime I open up the back of the truck there's more pkgs than before!



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Hey wily_old_vet -

Now that you're retired, it won't take long before the dreams / nightmares soon become a thing of the past and good memories start kicking in.:thumbup1:

Like I've posted before, "I don't miss the job - I miss the people". (at least some of them :) ).

OK - now for my "only" nightmare.

It was back in the late 60's and our Hub was playing catch-up after a "job disruption" over on the East Coast. "Someone" decided that we would be the ideal place to hold a Saturday sort. We processed more packages that Saturday than we normally did in an entire week:ohmy: !

The next morning, my (now ex) wife said to me, "Did you have a bad day yesterday?".
Why do you ask, I said foolishly. She replied, "Because all night long, you kept saying in your sleep 'Look at all those friend-----g packages, look at all those friend------g packages'".


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That was the early 70s.

Mine was always getting back to the building just in time to make the sort, only to have management find two shelves of missed packages.

I still think I am suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.


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We had a sup in charge of loading semis (yes he spent every minute loading) that also went to school. By Friday he was totally wiped out. He said he came home and crashed on the sofa and when he woke up the wall was covered with his dirty handprints as high as he could reach all the way down to the sofa.


I drove for 12 years and that was 22 years ago----still have dreams of driving my old route when I first strarted with UPS in Pacoima (Los Angeles)----I also have dreams of driving a package car and showing up a new center where I don't know any of the drivers or the delivery Dream Doctor, what does this mean I am suffering from????


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When I was a preload sup I used to dream of being a driver...............
Where I was at, , I knew every area, right down to the sequence number and could find ones that always were brought in for look ups.
I thought, How cool it will be when I am a driver. And I just kept dreaming that they would let me go driving........ and then I would get up at 3am and go to work.

Sometimes I would get home and grab a nap before the kids got home, and I would wake up, look at the clock, and say HOLY smile*its 330 and I am so late. Then try to call the center to tell them I was running late, hoping my sup had beat me to work......... for once, and the afternoon clerk would answer and I would realize it was pm, not am......and hang up.....Happened alot.
Then one night..........I "dreamed"
I was delivering in a town 70 miles from home where I had never been in my life, and I felt like I was having a heart attack. I panicked and couldnt read my map, it was 10:15 and I had 3 air left. I finally got my bearings and got them off, and then I realized my dream had come true. Actually I wasnt dreaming, it was a nightmare, but I was awake......... I was a driver, in a town I didnt know, in a center I didnt know a soul. Where I had no friends, because they thought I was on the fast track to full time mgmt., or sense of direction. Where I would be lucky if I could find my building again, much less all these addresses. Welcome to my world as a driver, my prayers had been answered, I had arrived.
Moral of the story could be.
Be careful what you pray for,>>>>>>> it may come true.


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I wouldn't be posting to this thread, but I had a *sort of* UPS dream last night.

When my alarm went off this am, after only about 5 hours of sleep, I hit my snooze and went back to bed, only to lie there and think:

"****. I slept NDA. I wish I'd slept ground. The next 9 minutes till the alarm goes off I need to sleep ground." It was very clear to me that this was why I was so tired.

I'm sure that makes no sense, but there it is.


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funny i thought i was the only one that had nigtmares about big brown. every once in awhile i will have a nightmare about when i was on deliveries.
when i first started at ups i would come home and sort the "boxes" in my sleep. turns out i was throwing the pillows around. (true story).
i have been retired now for 6 years. i do not think the nightmares will ever go away.:tongue_sm


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I was constantly waking my wife and having her sign for packages. Poor lady only got back to sleep by signing for the pkgs. A couple hours later, I would wake her again asking for another signature(must of been delivering residentials during that rest period for her).