UPS Dreams


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I've only been working at UPS as a pre-loader for 10 months. I was hired on for the peak season and was not even trained. I was just thrown into the fire. It was terrible. Working from 1am to almost 9am and then running to my full-time job was terrible. Then the dreams started.

It started with waking up and shaking my wife awake to tell her I think I may have left a package in the wrong section. This went on for a couple of weeks. Then the dream of a stack of packages crushing me to death started. That one was kinda funny because I had to stack out the first stop and so I had all these packages coming down on me.

Thankfully the dreams are gone. We joke around at our hub about how after a few months you just kinda stop caring.


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I can remember during peak season twenty years ago I used to "deliver packages in my sleep". As time went by, I was able to train myself not to have these nightmares anymore. I remember one where I was working and looked down to discover I wasn't wearing pants.....:w00t:

Would you like for me to interpret this for you?


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We have the cage system for preload here. In my 2nd year, they asked me to work full time for the christmas rush. So I was sorting basically it felt for 9 hours a day with that wall of cages creeping slowly past me.

When I got home to sleep, the wall my bed was against turned into those cages. I would wake myself up in the middle of the day because I slammed my arm up against the wall like I was sorting. :happy-very:

The Good Ol' Days


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Back when I was a p/t supe and ran the metro unload I would have recurring nightmares about not getting all the cars unloaded. I remember waking up on several occasions in a panicked sweat thinking there was a full P1000 sitting on the 800 side somewhere, with all those service failures.:sad-very:

I don't think many supervisors at my hub would be too worried about it these days, from what I've seen. Come to think of it, I doubt I would be either. Shows how much we've lost as a company in the last 20 years.