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I have woke up my girlfriend during peak while I was talking in my sleep to make her look at the fact that my preloader was taped to the top of my truck while I was driving into the federal prison. So I guess that it was also an out of body experience because I could see myself driving as I spoke to her and described things.


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I saw this thread on TeamsterNet and figured there would be some good stories here. Here is my recurring dream (nightmare).

It always revolves around NDAs and getting out of the building. Either I can't find my airs or I'm running late getting out of the bldg. Wonder how long I have to be retired before I stop having these dreams.:lol:

Haha- I had that dream when I was on my training route. Haven't had it since then though.


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These are good and I absolutely believe they are true!

When loading pkg cars I used to dream that pkgs were piled one on top of another, so deep I couldn't dig through them. To top it off, the belt just ran faster and faster past me and I couldn't keep up.

Now that I'm sorting I don't dream about it much. Once in awhile I'll dream that I'm jumping down the throat of a co-worker but guess that one has really happened. :happy2:


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When I first started UPS I loaded on day sort.( I was also a single mother)
I dreamed that that all the boxes coming down the rollers had arms, reached out for me to pick them up. 2000 boxes with arms waiting for me!!! :happy2:


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Mine is always the same: I'm going through the day doing everything BUT deliver. Going to Mcdonalds shopping, etc. I finally decide to look in my truck at about 6:30 and freak because I haven't done anything.

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3 am In my bedroom sound a sleep, I woke up turned on the bedroom light, started tearing apart my sock draw, screaming to the wife wheres my diad? The rest you figure out. This happend twice.

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In the preload (unload to be exact), when I first started I used to dream of unloading endless trailors. Then as a sorter I would dream of numbers, numbers and more numbers. Then of course as a driver delivering for days and still not clearing any shelves...

and I sometimes wake up looking for my board or a NDA thats 'hiding' in my load... only I'm looking for it around and under my bed. My wife is like, ":censored2::censored2::censored2: are you doing?"


I often dream about doing Look-ups. I wake up just as tired as I was when I went to sleep. These dreams usually happen at Christmas time. They are true nightmares......


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Sometimes I would get home and grab a nap before the kids got home, and I would wake up, look at the clock, and say HOLY smile*its 330 and I am so late. Then try to call the center to tell them I was running late, hoping my sup had beat me to work......... for once, and the afternoon clerk would answer and I would realize it was pm, not am......and hang up.....Happened alot.

I've done this a few times......usually during long weeks when I'm running low on sleep.


My husband (who likes to walk and talk in his sleep) will sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night with his hands in the air(holding onto a imaginary steering wheel), and left foot slamming down on the clutch. Cursing.

Now I hate to complain, but on these nights, he pulls all the blankets and sheets off the bed and leaves me with none. This would not cause a huge problem but 90% of the time these dreams occur in the middle of the winter when the roads are bad.

This year he got a brand new automatic truck...the dream has not returned ...yet...winter is coming.


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Normally at least twice a week I have a strange dream that is nothing but PAL's flashing by like a flip book. I guess it comes from watching so many go by on the belt....
Don't know why this thread didn't get more replies. Anyways here's my dream, evem if it's late.

I'm in the very back of a truck trying to load it but I have to climb all the way out and up the ladder to break a jam on the belt but I can't because all the packages have fallen off of the rollers onto the sides so high I can't even climb over them yet the rollers are still full and the packages are still coming down and falling over the sides even though there's a jam so I'm trying to load some so I can clean up the sides some so I can get to the jam that is still somehow showering the truck with packages but I really need to push the rollers back some to make room for a new wall so I can get rid of some of the packages on the rollers so I can clean up my sides so I can get to the jam BUT I CAN'T MOVE CAUSE THERE'RE BOXES EVERYWHERE AND MY WALL JUST STARTED TO FALL ON ME......

I think the no punctuation should help you in feeling how I do when the dream occurs. This has also really happened to me minus the magic jam that sends packages. Had this dream multiple times. Get's me in trouble with ma lady since I apparently elbow her when I have this dream. Hard. :dead:


After a long, hard week, I'll be driving in my own car and swear I hear my DIAD go off...OR I'll begin to back my car up and in the nick of time remember NOT to 'toot' the horn because it's my car! :greedy:


My fat jerk of a depot manager having a stroke...oh, wait, that's my life long dream not the one I had last night :D


My fat jerk of a depot manager having a stroke...oh, wait, that's my life long dream not the one I had last night :D
Man, why is it that you come across like a self centered child with no couth ? Please think before you post ,one stroke too many.