UPS Driver Helper (Seasonal Job) Questions

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    I recently applied online for the position of Driver Helper with UPS. My "interview" is this Thursday 10 AM and I'd like some info about the job and what you do everyday. Also have some questions for the job & interview

    1. What do I dress up on the day of interview, I was thinking of wearing black slacks with dress shoes and dress shirt. (Am I overdressed?)

    2. How's a Driver Helper's typical day work hours? I'm in college 4 days a week. Monday & Wednesdays in the morning until 12PM and Tuesdays & Thursdays at night from 6:30 PM unti 9:30 PM. Almost always free on Fridays and Weekends... Would I be able to work around this schedule? (Willing to work fulltime once semester is over)

    3. When do I start working and stop working? it's almost November, so will I start beginning of november until end of december?

    4. If I applied for a specific city, do I always meet up with the driver that same city or will I have to meetup with the driver in other cities?

    5. Is it true that I'm not allowed to bring my cellphone on the truck and does the driver return you to your car (where you originally met up) after your day's work has been complete?

    6. Does the driver drive the truck in front of each of the delivery locations and have you drop them off? or in one part of the neighborhood and you walk to each one?

    7. How much is the hourly pay for a Seasonal Driver Helper in Southern California near Orange & L.A. County?

    I know this job is hard work and am I'm fit for it, I'm not trying to waste my time for BS because I have self-respect and need to focus on college. Thanks for reading

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    Question 2 through 7 sound like fabulous questions to ask during the course of your interview. Question #1....ask your mom. Oh, and don't forget to ask about brown ups socks :)
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    Driver helping is not that even hard. Don't worry. For some reason, many driver helpers that made it in my hub always ended up quiting because they thought working inside would be as fun and exciting as driver helping.
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    As a driver helper, you will be taking packages and bringing them from the truck to the residence/business... that's pretty much it. It's alot of hustle and being on your feet all day... not too much heavy lifting. The pay is slightly more than minimum wage. It's a temp gig to make a few bucks and that's it... they will get rid of you after the 24th of December. Hope this helps.
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    Wouldn't bother if I were you. Gotta be ready to roll any time you're called/a driver needs you. Won't look good if HR is keeping records and you're interested in UPS in the future.
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    awesome.....but my eyes went crossed reading that lol.
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    With your school schedule there is no way you will get hired. If you get called to work with a driver you must be available for as long as that driver needs you (I think).
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    Sorry. Double post.
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    Might as well call back and tell them it will not work for you. You do not need to waste their time or yours.
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    To the OP---your school schedule does not give you the flexibility that you will need to be a helper.
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    1) Doesn't matter what you wear. Rule of thumb is to dress up to what you would be wearing on job.

    2) Doesn't sound to flexible, might not get much work early, but after semester is over should be able to work, since there are always jumpers that quit.

    3) Depends on the drivers needs. Schedule will inhibit your working though.

    4) Depends on you willingness to work. They try to keep you in your city, but not always feasible.

    5-6) I believe you can, but you would not have much time to be on it. Some areas drivers will drop you off, you call him when you're finished.

    7) Not sure about SCal, but here it is about $12.80. Can't imagine SCal would be lower.
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    seasonal into part time?

    I am currently a seasonal worker at ups. Is itpossiblte that I could be hired on as a part time pkg handler? If so how linge is the process?
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    I can't wait till this contract crap is over and we are all getting annoyed by all the helper questions again.
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    Re: seasonal into part time?

    Use your words please.
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    H*ll, I wake up annoyed.
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    Driver helpers like the Sox.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    A good American loves the SOX!