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    Hello...I've been trying to find some information about employment at UPS from actual employees and have finally found it here. Thanks.

    Well, I have been considering employment at UPS for a while now and have decided to take a shot at it. I went down to my local UPS center and picked up a flyer advertising part-time jobs and attending an employment tour. I was wondering if this tour is an actual interview and do I need to have all the necessary items for an interview? Also, what goes on during this tour and approx. how long does it last?
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    OK, now listen. I am about to give the best advice about working part time at UPS out there, I should know I been working part-time for 7 years now(not by choice!) so pay attition!!
    I'm not sure what your age it but if you are over the age of say 25 I'd say forget it! Your looking at about 8-10 years part time before any chance of full-time job, and then another 15-20 full time, starting at a older age you will never make it physcial or mentally, I have seen it a million times. Now if you just want a good part-time job just for the benifits than go for it, but try to get a job on the reload shift, working the preload shift sucks, just think of getting up at 4am every day for 8 years, it kills you, our bodys are not designed for it, also the work load is horrible in the mornings, they always push for more productivity, even if it means injurys on the job, UPS no matter what they tell you dosn't care about safty,especially part-timers. A other opition is going into supervision, if you want free money for collage it is a good deal, but once you get your degree RUN! UPS treats there managment people worse than the teamsters! burnout is very bad there, stress is horrible.
    One last thing, that tour you were on is what we call the "cattle heard", you see they heard you around the building telling how great UPS is, how much job growth there will be for you, how grat the benifits are, so you get the job and then you go to Saluter! don't beleive all the crap the HR person tells you! you will make no money the first 10 years you work there, and full time promotion is hard to come by.
    In closing if you need a job just for benifits or money for school then do it, but be ready to get you butt kicked and your mind screwed with along the way.
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    Muncher, I don't normally respond to posts but.. Why would UPS want to make you full time with the attitude you have towards mgmt and the company in general. And a more important question, why do you want to go full time based on the things you talk about in your posts? Just curious...
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    Munchkin, nice job of recruiting. Unlike yourself, maybe Mr. Sharp is a quality employee with a a good work ethic and attitude and will do what it takes to succeed at UPS.
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    First off Browniemonster, you have no business giving advice about part-time work at UPS, since you were a off the street hire, I ses you like to give personal attacks, but you can't say anything about the truth.
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    Well muncher, I think you may have it. I have been trying to get into UPS for over a year. I have had three interviews {one was a tour, in which I was the only one} called, got referrals etc. I'm still not in. The HR people never return calls. They tell me that they will make a decision and call back in a couple of weeks. I guess my definition of "a couple of weeks", is different than their definition.

    I am in my late 30's,yet I know loaders my age {one a woman no less}; and on my tour I saw some "mature" individuals working. I spoke with a few, and they said it is hard, but you get used to it. Developing a steady pace is important.

    Needless to say, my frustration, has lead me to to start looking elsewhere.

    I guess having a clean record, being dependable, having a good work history, referrals from UPS employees, referrals from union officials, drug free,healthy, and being intelligent, are not what UPS is looking for.
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    A. Sharp Mr. Munchkin makes the assumption you are looking for full time work. If you are you should find out how long it takes where you are. In my district it takes about 3 years tops. We have lots of drivers retiring and freeing up full time jobs.
    You will find that the work is hard but if you stick it out rewarding. Your biggest challenge at UPS will always be someone like munchkin trying to tell you why you should be miserable.
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    I started at UPS p/t preload as a way to help make ends meet. 5 years later I signed a bid and am a service provider. I will be 40 in February and I figure that I should be able to give the company 20 more years.

    Tom B
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    Thanks for all your replies...I am looking for a part-time position to pay for college and hopefully save enough for private pilot training. I have one more question: What happens after the tour, do I apply online at after? Should I bring a copy of my resume? Thanks again.
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    Alright who gave butmunch the second star on his last post?
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    I think its safe to say it was himself.
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    Munch, you applied for a part time job, I applied for a driver job. You have a part time job, I have a driver job.
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    Good insight. We'll see how smart he is.

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    Hey Tie. Where in the heck can someone go full time in just 3 years here? I've been at ups for just over 13 years and can't even get a combo. When I was hired they said it would take no more than 4 years, now they are saying somewhere around 15 years of parttime might do it. Sure would've liked to have known this 13 years ago.
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    "I am in my late 30's,yet I know loaders my age {one a woman no less}"

    When will some of you Neanderthal folks get it through your heads that women do this job well everyday and have for years? Many do it better than alot of men I have worked with. Perhaps it's your attitude and not you age that is holding you back.
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    where did that come from dammor?
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    It came from a reaction to the frustrated's statement,"one a woman no less." Opie was just as insulting to women in some of his earlier posts. He couldn't believe a woman could handle the job better than he could. It would seem some looking for a job at UPS feel that if they see a woman working there, then they should be a shoe-in. Many women have worked side by side with the men for many years and have certainly pulled thier weight. That's where that came from....
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    My intention was not to disparage women, my point was more about age.

    Everybody keeps saying anyone over 30 cannot do the job.

    My point was that anybody can do the job.
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    " My point was that anybody can do the job."

    Frustrated, I suppose that statement should make all men and women feel better about themselves. Point is, everyone can't do the job. You sound as if you could though. The age issue is interesting. We are an aging workforce here. Most of us are in our 40's and have been here for many years. We do the job very well considering we are so old and there are women no less that also do it well.

    The next 10 years should be interesting. Many of us will retire as soon as possible. That will be good for the younger ones of course. I have no idea what the people that do the hiring at UPS are looking for, but I wish you well. As for myself, I would rather work beside an older person that knows the ropes and actually thinks on their feet than a younger one that runs past themselves everyday and has no idea what it means to take care of the people that really do pay our checks. JMO

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    When did I say this? I'm handling the job pretty well, my supervisor keeps telling me that I'm doing a good job. Women work at my HUB, but they work as clerical or non-physical type of jobs. The women in the unloading all they do is just scan or check the packages that go by. There are basically no women in the outbound, there is I think one, but I don't know if she is still working there. There was a women that was hired as a loader, but she couldn't even pick up 25lb packages, she's gone now. A women CAN do the job, but she has to have some strength and endurance etc. So if a woman believes she can handle it, I say go for it. I have nothing against women working at UPS, I think there needs to be a lot more. UPS is too male dominated.