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    I have 2 questions to ask

    1. I was talking to the director of sales for the West Los Angeles Dist and he told me that Fedex got a lot more than half of all the Pkgs that were up for grab from DHL. Does anyone have any info on this ??

    2. He help a meeting at our building for the drivers and told us that Fedex was making a lot more money/ profit than Ups and we need to find the new leads before Ups is 2nd in comand in the shipping industry. Can anyone verify this. Thanks
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  3. gopack

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    I've heard that from managemnt a few times in the last 10 years.
  4. drewed

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    Id have to say the volume picked up is split fairly evenly but does very in different geographical areas....

    Fedex is hemoraging money, theyre cutting bonuses and salaries. Fedex relies on its air fleet to move a lot of volume, we have a balance between our airline and our ground fleet when people move to ground as a service level we'll be better equiped to provide it. im not saying we're not in drastic cost cutting mode but we've survived recessions and depressions we know how to do it...UPS still delivers more volume daily then fedex
  5. Jim Kemp

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    I have been at ups for over thirty years now and I have been hearing this Gloom and Doom the entire time.

    As for fedx being more profitable I don't see how. It takes four fedx drivers to do what I do in a day. I sometimes see the ground guy and his truck is empty at 1pm. I don't believe we make four times his salary.

    Another thing, its going to be hard to get drivers to get sales leads if you go out with a truck stuffed front to back everyday. I will never get a sales lead as long as I am working the hours I work.
  6. 29th Christmas

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    1. I don't doubt this, but on the other hand I have heard that UPS won't take a pkg just to have it--they have to have a profit from it (What about the LL Bean acct UPS will be taking over soon?). DHL was a lo-ball carrier, most of the customers they had were not nearly as concerned with service as they were with $$ per pkg.

    2. You have to understand where this guy is coming from, his job is SALES. His job performance is measured by SALES--he's not in the operations side of the company. If I turn in 3 sales leads from my rt and they are successful, I 'get' to work 10.5 hours a day instead of 'only' 10 that I work now. You give me and my fellow drivers some help, and bring our dispatches down I will be happy to hand over potential leads.
  7. Coldworld

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    is this true???
  8. drewed

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    29th I hear what youre saying, I understand where youre coming from but that logic can lead people to laid off in this economy.
  9. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    right now the best thing ups can do is to keep the service as high or higher than fedex, and with cutting out routes that dont have to be the only things youre going to do is upset the customers and burn out the remaining employees.
  10. redshift1

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    Odd logic, one would think most employees would go the extra yard to help keep their company viable in this economic climate especially making 60k to 70k with benefits. I'm sure the millions of unemployed workers can relate to the hardships you must endure.
  11. sortaisle

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    You've obviously never driven package car. And if you have, you have a cream puff route and are blind to what happens to your fellow drivers. Yes we make 60 to 70k a year and some of us make 100k on our extended routes. Package car is one stress after another with time commits and then, if we don't get done in a timely manner, we get grief from our management to kick it out more. Some of the routes I've done are impossible to get done in a timely manner and then they have the gall to demand that we magically find the time to get sales leads. I get the feeling that I could turn in 10 sales leads in one day and still get in trouble for being over dispatch.
  12. Paid-over-in-Maine

    Paid-over-in-Maine 15 more years of this!

    Yes it is true. It will boost daily volume 40,000 pkgs per day from March to September, and approx. 85,000 pkgs per day November through peak. We had a meeting on it Thursday.
  13. spuman

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    What you must realize is there is only so much time in the day to do our job.A sales lead takes alot more effort than getting a name and phone number,and no we don't MAKE 60k to 70k we EARN it through hard work and personal sacrifice.

    I would like to see UPS give a driver a partial route and let him/her go out build it into a full route.That would be where you see volume growth taking business from the competition.Service is all we have to offer.
  14. brownmonster

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    They are breaking a 130 stop heavy pickup route in my loop today only because some empty suit in a non-essential position thought it looked good on paper. Sales leads can kiss my butt. You don't beat your wife everyday and wonder why you get no lovin.
  15. mattwtrs

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    You should be a PR man not a driver. Short , sweet & to the point!
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    You nailed it!!!
  17. rod

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    Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding---------We have a winner!!!!!!:devillangel:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    In my area FDX has gotten all of the optical suppliers. Believe or not there is still one DHL van in my area. This shipper (which was his reg pick up) ships 80-90 pkgs a day (80% NDA). I turned in a sales lead but as usual somebody is dragging their feet and not updating status for this account. I did my part thanks to the info from the DHL guy.
  19. McLeod

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    I turned in 6 sales leads last year..these customers were interested when I spoke with them. Well once leads were turned in sales couldn't close the deal with customer. Then at the end of Nov. center manager sends message you have NOT TURNED IN ANY PRODUCING SALES LEADS. I felt I done my part, sales dept. just can't seam to close the deal.
    I believe that is where some changes need to be made, like let the sales person walk in and earn the business with a smile and handshake vs. ring ring....hello ya this is LaFonDA would you like to ship UPS?
  20. Covemastah

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    DAY 1 1907 Seattle Wa. Young Jim Casey picked up 2 pkgs to deliver the following day. The next day,day 2 a very ambitious Jim picked up 3 pkgs and was elated!! Day 3 he only picked up 1 pkg, but was still happy knowing he was trying his very best and going to do better the next day !!!! Today the Big Shots at UPS would study young James 3 days tell him the #'s are going down,he is a failure & volume is down BIGTIME from day 2 and his job will be cut because he spent to much time with the customer !! YES BASED ON YOUNG JIMS SUCSESS ON DAY 2,THE BAR WAS SET TO HIGH AND BECAME THE CO. STANDARD ! so I guess according to I.E young James was a failure and volume has been down since day 2 1n 1907!!!!! poor Jim he must be rolling in his grave !!!!