FedEx going hard for UPS shippers


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Vending machines are owned and operated by a third party.


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Fed ex started targeting our small to mid level pick ups long before the strike talk. I feel like it started around the time they announced they we cutting ties with Amazon. They got a lot of them. I hate losing those customers. Ups offers discounts to larger shippers but never does anything to throw these customers a bone. Despite the fact that it’s a higher margin product. Every time they add gas surcharges etc, they never go away even when prices go back down. Etc. Let’s squeeze more out of the larger shippers and work retaining these customers.
You do realize the small and medium (SME) customers are exactly who UPS is pursuing and they are cutting ties with large accounts that are marginally profitable.

Based on the last earnings call, UPS is being very successful at winning SME customers through the digital access program that targets small accounts with aggressive incentives. The digital program generated >$2.3B in revenue in 2022; expect to generate ~$3B in 2023 so it seems to be doing OK. FedEx does not have an equivalent program and is losing small customers to UPS.