UPS / FedEx Ground Pre-Load difference?

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    Have an early morning job at Ground right now loading trucks. However, I've gotten tired of always getting screwed over by the manager even though I'm there everyday and scan all my boxes(I'm too much of a nice guy, sadly), so I'm ready to leave this place asap; I would move to another belt, but they probably won't allow that :angry:.

    Anyhow, is loading a truck for UPS pretty much the same job?

    Right now I'm loading anywhere around 650-780 boxes per day for 3 trucks. 4 hours a day.

    The location of where the boxes go inside the truck sometimes you have to learn on the fly because some trucks do not assign the number on the box label to the section of the truck. The boxes that do have a correct label will have 4 digits that show where the box goes. The numbers are multiples of 500 and are anywhere from 1000-8500, and can sometimes end in FL if they belong on the floor level. So if a box has 4 digits that look like this: 3024, then it'll go on the 3000 section; if it has 3079FL, then it'll go on the bottom of that section.

    Here's a map of how the trucks assign their sections:


    Are UPS trucks like this as well? I sure hope so, so I can tell them to send me directly to loading trucks instead of unloading trailers :sweating:.
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    Its basically the same thing, they must've copied us, lol. But please dont think that UPS management is gonna treat you any better, probably worse. On the other hand, if you hope to work your way up to driver, UPS is definitely the way to go. From what i heard, Ground drivers have to pay all their own bills and lease the truck. Forget about vacation and sick days.
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    Pretty much exactly the same. Good luck.
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    Are all trucks strictly this way?

    And now I've noticed on some UPS delivered boxes I have that the last 4 digits in the tracking number are 3945 and the other is 1674. So I guess UPS trucks are sorted a little more specific since at FedEx every single box has either a 5 or 0 in the 2nd number, you just put the box in that section and the driver will probably sort it later.
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    All of them are set up the same. Depending on the center there may be FL1-4 or RDL, RDR, RDC. It's been rumored they are getting rid of those and just putting everything with numbers. The shelves are supposed to be 1000-1999 in order but that very rarely happens in my experience, things usually just get thrown on the shelf with no order leaving it to the driver to sort.
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    Instead of 3 trucks you'll be loading 4-5 trucks.
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    780 per day is a wet dream for the loaders in my building. 1,000 to 1,400 is the norm every day. I' say the PT's insurance is much better but with the new contract they will have a HUGE increase in co-pays and deductibles.
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    you should have made a lateral move to HD; same pay but easier for the package handlers - all you do is sort by route number & pile it on a pallet. we drive to our spots and load/sort it ourselves into our own vehicles (without pay)

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    Transferring to Ground/HD would not be a lateral move.
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    what are you smoking?

    he already has a FedEx Ground ID ~ all he had to do was walk into a HD terminal and ask to be hired there... it is simply that easy...

    you just read the route number, and not walk into a package car to load it into an appropriate shelf ~ for the same pay the OP is getting right now

  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Transferring to Ground/HD would be like getting sent down to the minors.
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    "he already has a FedEx Ground ID" .......... it's a lateral move

    all they have to do is give him his same pay and benefits & the work is easier than Ground

    no one stays as a fedex package handler for a career; they collect bennies such as tuition reimbursement & move on

    switching to a UPS facility for less money to begin with isn't a move upwards; unless he /she wants to be on a looong waiting list to move up to a package car driver
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    More like dropped from the minors and overseas or in an INDEPENDENT league.
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    During Christmas our load charts change. All you have to do then is get the correct package in the correct truck. Doesn't matter where it lands.
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    Oh yeah, I left out the part showing how the center of the truck is loaded.

    Here you go.


    The placement of the tote is crucial. It must be in a place inaccessible to the driver.
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    Don't forget the tote is mixed with next day air and house savers.
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    ....I feel like there's a good chance I was loading for either laffter or Indecisi0n this past peak...
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    I don't drive. But there's a guy who did that exact thing with a tote for a route I helped on last peak.