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    Hi everybody. I was reading through the forums and it seems like working at UPS is portrayed as a bad career choice. But I disagree. I started at UPS at 18 and I'm 20 now. I went to college a while but it just wasn't for me. I'm more of an active person and I actually enjoy my job and I feel satisfaction and pride working hard and doing a good job like when I was in the unload finishing trailers in 30 min even though the target was 45-60min.

    Now I'm working as a belt tender about 30 hours pt at UPS as well as 30 hours at another factory type job with the same requirements(lifting heavy boxes, fast paced, etc). I've also done pretty much every inside union job there is on every shift( when i first started, ups was my only job so i worked a lot of triple shifts). So I don't see why you guys always say its so rough on your body or the hours. Once im ft at UPS i can quit my other job and still make decent money for less work. And i know you are going to say its because im young but my grandfather lived to be 98 and my father is 51 right now and still doing this type of work with no problems/complaints.

    I've also had a lot of good times at work and I lood forward to going to work not leaving. I've also made a lot of friends that i now spend time with outside of work. So I'm just saying to anyone portraying this as a bad job, that it may not for everyone but for those that can work here it is great.
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    See! I told y'all there is positivity out there too!

    Welcome, Mex, nice job!
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    Hey brownmex, and I also welcome you to browncafe, and hope you enjoy your visits.
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    Man, I want to do the same thing, and I hope that I can. The UPS just seems really cool to me, but I'm leaving my options open, still gotta think about it. I got two years to do so, but time's flying. Anyway, glad to hear the positivity of your post. I still think doing what you like to do is more important than having an easy job and getting paid alot of money. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future?? I just hope not.
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    You two youngsters post back in 20-25 years and let us know how you're doing. :thumbup1:
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    I believe we ALL started with good attitudes!!!
  7. I've been working for UPS for 8 years and I haven't come across any problems yet. Started when i was 20, now 28. I will probally work for UPS for the remainder of my life. I have a combo job, and haven't seen any negative effects on my body. I plan on going to school aswell as keep my full-time job.
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    I like working for UPS too, it's just that after many years your body will break down. It's cool when you have all that energy for the job and if college is not for you and riding a desk a big yawn, then where else can you get good money for a cool job. Not at Fedex, and not at DHL and not at the post office. Welcome aboard guys!!
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    I've put in over 8 years now as well. So far I can't really complain. Not any more than I would at any other job anyway. I just wish UPS would create more full-time jobs. I cleard 40K as a part-time last year so I don't feel that I can really complain too much but I'd still like a full-time job. I wish I'd stayed at the Hub I started working at because we don't have combo jobs where I'm at now. I transfered and it ended up being a big mistake. Sure it got me into driving allot quicker but later down the road getting a combo job won't be an option. Oh well. UPS is pretty cool I think.
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    Give it a few more years!!
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    I think that's a mischaracterization of the issues discussed here. We too have co-workers that are friends and share good times both on road and after work. Intermingled with that is an ever-increasingly impossible production goal established, implemented and supervised by people who can't show the drivers how to really meet the expectations AND follow prescribed safety and delivery methods. It's a bit difficult to explain why "just working faster" doesn't really apply to situations where there are so many outside factors which could have an impact on your day (such as traffic, stoplights, slow customers, sloppy PAS, misloads etc).

    There is a lot of negativity expressed here. No doubt about that.

    But for all the complaints, everyone here would still fight to keep their job. It pays well and has good benefits. For most drivers I know, it's not a lack of gratitude that makes them "complain". It's a lack of managerial attention that the complaints receive. In some centers, things which are "broke", stay broke. I envy the centers with mgmt that respond to legitimate concerns from the drivers. It's not that way at my building and hasn't been for a long time. I take that back, they're quite prompt when it comes time for discipline. The "friends and good times" can be found at any job, it's not unique to UPS.

    If there's one reason to continue with school, it's that it will allow you the opportunity to go elsewhere should your opinions change later on. Becoming and remaining a driver would then be only one option of many. If working for UPS is your dream job and you're happy doing it, then I'm happy for you. Most people I know would jump at the chance to do something they really enjoy rather than continue to show up to pay the bills.

    If I had it to do over, I would have stayed in the military. The grass is always greener ya know.
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    Welcome to you!

    This site is a place for UPSers to "gritch" (grumple and _itch) because so many can identify. A great many of us have watched this company grow from an organization that didn't service all 50 states to a world wide mega monster.

    Every industry has it's demons, whether it's transportation, medicine, whatever. And sort of like a parent, we forwarn you young people that UPS jobs aren't all cake.

    I've had some of the best laughs of my life at work and have met some real buttheads but also some just fantastic people (plus a husband??!!??) here. I guess it's all what the individual takes with him.

    Best of luck to you!
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    I wil say that I enjoy UPS and am grateful of the opportunities that UPS has provided me. 14 years down, 25 to go. I may work an extra year jsut to work 40 total, but we'll see how I feel in 20+ years or so.
  14. Brownmex, it is a good company and a great job IF YOU KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. And it's only human nature to be more likely to complain about something than to say something positive, which is why you see alot of complaining on this site. So keep that in mind and remember that "attitude is everything."
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    I like working there. Moneys good, benefits good, sometimes you run into jacka$$es, but other than that I'd say I had a fun career at UPS. 222 months and counting!!
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    U met your husband here!!! Now theres a thread!!!!!!!!!!
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    You could say that!!!

    Wouldn't really know where to begin...

    Didn't meet him on this particular site, we met in the hub. How romantic is that!!??!!

    My managers weren't allowed to attend our wedding as he is a union member....
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    I met my wife on my route.
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    You are not your job.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Wow...young, energetic, full of dreams and asperations. UPS will surgically remove all of the above and you will end up bitter and full of resentment.

    This company is far removed from once it was. Benefits and retirement monies are being manipulated in our present time. You guys are willling to bust a gut for a company and a union that is currently experiencing turmoil.

    Be careful what you wish for young bucks!