UPS Freight Launches Reliability Guarantee


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ATLANTA, Nov. 5, 2007 - Starting with the new year, UPS Freight will back its on-time performance reliability with the same type of service guarantee that long has been enjoyed by UPS's small package customers.

"We have so much confidence that our enhancements and investments have transformed the customer experience that we will guarantee our on-time delivery performance at no additional cost," said Jack Holmes, president, UPS Freight. "It's the next logical step in making UPS Freight the best in the business."

The on-time service promise will be available Jan. 2 to less-than-truckload (LTL) customers who ship using the current UPS Freight 560 tariff in the continental United States. This new guarantee promises that customers can request a waiver of their freight charges if their shipment doesn't arrive on time.

Since acquiring the former Overnite Transportation Co. in 2005, UPS has enhanced UPS Freight's service portfolio and reliability, optimized its delivery network and invested significantly in assets, people and technology. As a result, the LTL and truckload carrier (TL) is aligned with the global operations and performance standards of UPS's small package and supply chain services.

Beyond achieving new levels of performance, UPS Freight has been aggressive in adapting technology to simplify the needs of LTL users. For example, UPS:

Equipped freight drivers with real-time visibility enabling technology so customers can follow their shipments from origin to destination

Implemented a Dispatch Reservation System that improves service center visibility of orders and drivers, ensuring improved on-time pickups and deliveries

Invested in new trailers equipped with extensive decking systems and load bars to minimize the risk of damage

Applied its Web-based tracking and proactive notification technology, Quantum View®, to freight shipping so customers can more accurately plan for inbound and outbound shipments
Extended its billing data and analysis tools, called UPS Billing Solutions, to freight customers so they have the full picture of their transportation spending with just a few clicks of a mouse

New in 2008 will be enhancements to UPS WorldShipTM and UPS Internet Freight Shipping that address the specific needs of freight shippers. UPS WorldShip is a software suite that integrates customers' existing databases, eliminating the time-consuming task of re-entering names and addresses, while providing access to all the functions of including delivery verification and tracking.

In 2008, in addition to being able to create a Bill of Lading (BOL) for LTL shipments, UPS WorldShip users will be able to send e-mail notifications, save BOLs for later completion, import commodities and view their negotiated rates. UPS also will make it easier for non-technical staff to integrate their business systems with WorldShip through a new 'wizard' feature that guides customers through the integration process using step-by-step instructions.


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It is about time UPS stepped up and devised a solution to hopefully cure the loss of MANY customers here on the west coast, specifically the PRN. Since the geniuses at UPS Network Engineering SCREWED up our whole region, there are going to be A LOT of free shipments handed out after the start of our new year. Lets just hope that'll bring back some of the customer base up here. WE ARE STARVING!!!!!!!

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Here in Ohio I hope UPS is ready to give away free freight. We will get it there on time alot but it may not look like it did when it was picked up. As for the Diad's they have made me a lot of money this year waiting for them to reconnect, going to stops that do not have freight, waiting for dispatchers to respond, etc.,etc. Thanks for buying us UPS, as you have done nothing for the employees except waste more money than overnite did in it's entir existance.


I give this program 3 months, especially in the upper midwest. If the freight has to go thru South Holland forget it they will be giving away the farm and asking us for a give back to cover the cost of their screw ups.:dissapointed:


man iam wondering how much free reight we are going to give away here at indy. our dock cant get nobody out 15 minutes after our start time. time will tell,i hope it wont effect our future at upgf! i think they need to clean out the overnite left overs!:anxious:
This is possiblely the dumbest idea ever in the history of business, in terms of the time of the year, we can't get all of our trucks running in mildly cool weather.

But I guess that is why I drive.:whiteflag:
It is not a dumb idea, it has created alot of talk among shippers, also it has so many exclusions that we will not be paying many claims.

some exclusions are, no rural areas, no appointments, no residentials and noone who receives a discount freigh rate wll get a waiver.

Also acts of god, weather, and if I remember it said traffic. would not count against the company.