UPS Freight needs tractors Current ones are falling apart

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by DESERTEAGLE1, Sep 23, 2007.


    DESERTEAGLE1 Freight Member

    Does anyone know anything?
  2. over9five

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    Are you looking for the name of a good mechanic?
  3. RockyRogue

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    I'm on the Parcel side. We don't interact with Freight--at least not directly--at my HUB. We do see your tractors and trailers in our yard quite a bit, though. As to the tractors....I see a lot of them on the road and/or in the Ground HUB yard. I've seen a couple newer ones in the last week or so, actually. The older ones I've seen are predominantly Internationals, which seem to be the workhorse of the GROUND side's feeder fleet at many hubs.

    Probably not, Over9. He's probably looking for information on when UPS is going to buy new trucks. I know I saw a thread about this quite awhile ago.....-Rocky
  4. raceanoncr

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    You want some of our brown ones? Pretty new!!! Some with as few as a million, eight-hundred thousand on em!!!!
  5. sppollock

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    I heard something that they are going to be buying a couple hundred with in the next six monthes. We had a visitor from So. Cal. telling us that our equipment was in very sad shape and that we should be expecting 9 trucks by the end of Jan. 08. Hope that helps a little bit.
  6. fr8dude

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    I drive an old Overnite Volvo rust bucket thats falling apart with some non safety items being bungee corded.
    The Overnite trailer I pull is also sorry looking. Placards bent, overnite signage bent, forlift holes that are patched with this tin foil waterproof tape, big holes in the floor and doors that barely make it up etc.
    When I make pick-ups at customers docks, they all laugh.
    I even had a UPS Parcel driver laughing at how pathetic our equipment is.
    As I pull away, I leave plumes of smoke. Almost looks like I am using coal to fuel it along.
    The only new UPS thing I have is my uniform and a diad.:sad:
    I hope UPSF will adopt the UPS image standards.
    Am I embarassed? Hell yes! :laugh:
  7. sppollock

    sppollock Active Member

    I agree. Up until a month ago I was driving old Motor Cargo tractors, pulling the old Overnite trailers, and i was embarrased. The terminal rented a straight truck and I wormed my way into driving that. Our equipment is always being downed for one safety reason or another. It takes two to three weeks for mechanics to fix, we are down to 3 total. Hopefully image will start to be enforced.
  8. local804

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    I will agree that alot of the old ON trailers I see are pretty rancid but the tractors look pretty new to me.
  9. RockyRogue

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    I think UPS is putting new trailers in as they become available. I'm seeing fewer and fewer trailers in Overnight colors. Anybody remember when United Airlines changed its color scheme? Their fleet looked like sh&% for a couple years. Give it time. Management probably doesn't want trailers with the Overnight colors and emblem any more than we do. -Rocky
  10. fr8dude

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    So thats where we get our hand-me-downs! :laugh:
  11. fr8dude

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    Had a 1985 ish Volvo go bad on me. Lost power in the middle of the highway, tractor actually shut down and became a saftey hazard. I got it restarted and limped it home. 25mph in a 55mph.
    Turned out the fuel filter was bad, even after the preventative maintenance was done on it the last week.

    Three days later..tractor still sitting in shop.....turns out my shop ran out of fuel filters. What a pathetic joke that they cannot stock these basic items!

    I've been stuck in an ancient Ford Aeromax, thats used as training tractor and a back up hostler. When was the last time we had a fleet of Fords?
  12. bamaboy

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    At least now you have a future. As OVNT your future was not very bright. You were using the same equipment as you are using today, and probably was glad to get it. Make some $$ and get some volume and you will have to get new equipment to handle the increase in business. It is not hard to figure out. Small package has gotten new equipment because the business has grown. If it had not grown, we would still be driving 1966 ford econlines.....:confused:1
  13. thigh19

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    I think the problem is that we're growing too fast. Heard rumor that 900 new ones are ordered. Old ones are being phased out. More lease trucks are on the road for UPS Freight than I've ever seen. I run in a team operation and the miles rack up fast. They've stopped re-branding the sleepers now on the road. the cost is too high and they've figured it'll be cheaper too just replace them, so I've heard. Just need too be patient.
  14. fr8dude

    fr8dude New Member

    I heard the same thing. Painting/rebranding wasn't the problem, it's the intense labor involved in getting it ready for painting. (massive rust, metal,aluminium,fiberglass repairs etc)

    They should atleast have a campaign to remove all the "Overnite" signage from the tractors wind deflectors and sides of trailers.