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  1. Bman12345

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    I am a current candidate for a UPS freight sales account executive with a Breathalyzer refusal on my record. I lost my license, but I have no DUI/DWI convictions on my record. Would this prohibit me from passing the background check considering I would be given a company vehicle? Also, can I negotiate a car allowance opposed to a company car?? please help
  2. Scottyhawk

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    Depends on whether your state treats DWI/DUI as a criminal or motor vehicle offense. You need to research DWI legislation in your state.
    If you are not applying for a driving position and it's treated as a motor vehicle offense, should have no problems. If it is treated as a criminal offense (probably misdemeanor) will probably have to have a good reason, but does not necessarily disqualifies you from the job
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    Ok, in my state it is considered a moving violation, and it is a driving job considering it's an account executive position and I am provided a company car
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    Also, this happened 2 years ago and my license is fully restored
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    To become a package car driver you need to have a clean record for 36 months. I am pretty sure as a sales rep you will drive your own vehicle so pretty sure that requirement is not applicable. They will inform you of what kind of background check they will run on you as you have to sign forms giving them approval to run the check, if motor vehicle abstract is not on there, your good to go, if it is, need to ask them how far back they are looking at the abstract.
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    Well they mentioned that I would be given a company car, if that is the case, can I negotiate a personal car allowance instead of taking the company car??
  7. Scottyhawk

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    Sorry, That I do not know, you can ask
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    Never heard of company giving sales rep a company car. Here they all use their personal vehicle.
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    Ok well hopefully that's the case because my hiring manager said they would provide me a company car, freight sales might be different
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    both our sales reps have company cars
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    Freight AEs are given a company car. Your day to day job activities require travel and a license.
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    Small package AE's are also required to have a license and must travel but are given a mileage allowance and per diem in lieu of a company car.