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    In the new contract we can transfer right ? Can we transfer out of the country or just to another state ? Another question is when will we see the raises take effect ?

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    As far as I know the new contract did not address transfers.

    The raises will take effect once the contract is ratified. You will receive a retro check for all hours worked since 8/1/13.
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    Transfer should be within the freight division only in the US. I think the raise should take affect immediately...
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    Did you read the thread title?
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    The thread title was changed after I had already posted.
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    Explain transferring to a term. To follow freight Page 83

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    In the new contract we are able to transfer terminals if there is a position open that you are qualified for. Then you talk to their TM and your TM and start the process. It is not a follow freight only.
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    You can transfer from terminal to terminal in different states. You have to check the Ups Jobs site to see if the position is available. If it is fill out the application on the site. Contact the tm at the terminal you want to go to and let them know you are interested in the position. Let your tm know you want to transfer and there is a position open. If you were hired as a Citydriver and the position open is Citydriver you can lateral right into the position. If the position you are interested is dockworker w/CDL your title will have to be changed to match and you can then transfer into the position. You will take the pay cut if you go from Citydriver or road driver to a dockworker w/CDL position.