UPS hand signal

Now, don't try to be funny (b/c I know what some of you might suggest), but we should have a hand signal that we use to wave at package car drivers and such when we see them on the road. It'd be good for morale to know that fellow UPSers notice your hard work.


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hold your hand like you were holding on to a broom handle or something like that. Now move it up and down.


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I agree. Let's take this suggestion of a hand signal more serious.

We are speaking about fellow employees. Do you really want to communicate negative thoughts to someone that is playing on the same team.

Hey...this orginal post was someone trying to inspire unity on the road. Acknowledging a common bond for that short moment on the road...regardless of how you may feel about the company or the job...maybe a bright moment for someone when they have had a bad day.


Retired 22 years
all my friends and co workers always used to give me the one finger salute. Worked for me to. lighten up.