UPS hard labor at $8.50 an hour?

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  1. Does all this hard physical labor effecting my low back? I did loading, unloading boxes some weighing 150 lbs at rate of 400-700 boxes per hour and my doctor said you are setting up yourself for low back pain. Is that true? Is my back giving away?
    Is 8.50 cents for starters worth it?
    Ho wmuch does a manager gets? I mean they don't do anything and if i could get paid that much for next to nothing work, I am more then glad to work something out to become a manager.
  2. ok2bclever

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    You sound ideal for management.

    I would let them know immediately.
  3. Unregistered

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    no it wont hurt you and management recieves 9.50 per hour
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    lol ,no you are super man .Are you friends with UPS girl?
  5. over9five

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    New service enhancement taking effect January.

    Weight limit will be 200 lbs.
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    Have you ever weighed a "149lbs" package, I have seen them hit 223lbs on our scale so even if it did go to 200lbs we have been doing it for years already whether we knew it or not.
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    Your scales must be wrong. Just like the ones at TN *******. I had some packages come in from europe and the weight was in KG. Managed to rassle the things over to the scales and they weighed 311, 312, 311 each. Since there is no way, the scales must have been off by at least 200%

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    311 kgs would be close to 630 pounds. You moved these onto the scale yourself?
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    Wadep, don't mean to speak for Danny but one would assume that he referred to the weight on the package being labeled in Kg and on his scales he was measuring in pounds. But if he were measuring in Kg I would not want to piss him off..
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    what do ya expect. He's a country boy. throws bales of hay around that weigh more than that. :o :o

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    Nope pounds. But I did get them off the truck by myself and on the pallet scales.

    Funny thing is one came in on monday, the second on tuesday, and the last one the following monday. Yet they were 1, 2, 3, of 3 shipment. Never heard of why they were this spread appart.

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    I wish, I could promise you I would be retired next year and UPS would be paying for my hurt back for the REST of my life.
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    The problem is what with your question. the hard work or the $8.50 an hour.

    If it is the hard work, find something else to do. UPS is hard work. Period. And if you dont like hard work, go elsewhere.

    If it is the money, hang tight. It willl get better

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    Cheryl ,

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