UPS in Atlanta just made another move

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by local804, Oct 23, 2003.

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    From the head honchos in Atlanta down to the little peons driving the brown trucks.They took away July 4th week from our vacation picks.We usually get 7 weeks now we get none........We were told it was from up above and there is nothing they could do about it.They said they have to give guys off for the 4th of July holiday and they dont want to pay at the 1 1/2 pay rate so this is how they can get away from it.If you look on the calender in December, Christmas falls on a Saturday. I wonder what they have planned for us then......There are 8 guys that get to pick 1 more week in our center and now there 15 weeks total in the summer closed of before we even get there. This is just one more point proving that UPS (corp. office) does not give a crap about us. I know there are the suits on this board that are going to say oh...its a business move and its for the company, so I will tell you now and save my time, BITE ME.They never closed the weeks before DONT start changing it now.
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    Yeah, but hand in a sales lead, wont ya?
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    did u mean seven drivers were able to pick this week, now none can pick this week. your contract probably states like ours does, that vacations can be taken during the year other then the week after thanksgiving to christmas. sounds like they are neglecting contract language.
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    Its a business move and its for the company.
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    Hey Nevadapaul,
    Getting rid of dead wood is for the company, but I dont see them getting rid of the 20 or so suits that do nothing but look pretty and drink coffee.If you want to save money get rid of the chiefs that do NOTHING.Yes UPS79, we were aloud to pick, but now we are not.Maybe we should get a day off the week of Christmas because it falls on a Saturday.
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    I don't get it
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    I'm with brownmonster!

    <font color="ff0000">They took away July 4th week from our vacation picks.</font>

    Are you saying that union members are prohibited from selecting the week of 4th of July as vacation? No problem in my location selecting that. I selected that week this past July and I did for 04' as well. If this is the case then the problem isn't Glenlake. Sounds to me like something else is up.

    Why would the company close that week out anyway? Volume is down because lots of businesses take a break and the 2Q business cycle has just ended and volume normally drops a little after a business Q ends. Makes no sense to close out that week.
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    Your comment has been sent to the committee for substance testing. After you showed your stupidity in your last posts, it just proves that all should be drug tested.
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    I don't understand the issue. We would not be able to block out a summer week under our contract. Not sure how you could do so under yours?
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    Well let me see. Nope that week is open for me when I choose next week.

    804, are you feeling OK? Are you hearing voices?

    OR maybe like some in our center, you just dont shut the heck up long enough to listen to what is actually said, and then make up info to fit what you think was said.

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    The time and a half argument doesn't fly. If a holiday falls during your vacation week you aren't paid overtime for that. For a long time I took Thanksgiving week for vacation and it has 2 paid holidays which I received straight time for. If you are right why isn't your shop steward or business agent raising hell. I think you misunderstood something.
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    July 4th falls on a Sunday in 2004. Will we get Monday off or an extra 8 hours pay?
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    when a holiday falls on sunday we get monday but when it falls on saturday we just get paid
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    Hey Dannyboy,
    NO ONE in the eastern Long Island region is allowed to pick a vacation during the July 4th week(whole entire district).Last year, during this time, they (UPS mgmt) gave us 7-8 weeks during the whole entire month.This year we only have 3 weeks to pick from in the month of July.The week ending July 4th has been closed out with a marker.No one can pick that week.
    Tieguy, (responding to your post) Why wouldnt you (mgmt) be able to block out a week in July? You guys (mgmt) must be able to because its done in this district(so far).
    DAnnyboy, No I am not hearing voices and yes I am feeling ok......
    Wkmac, They said because it is on a weekend they were going to give the guys 1 day off during the week.They were going to do that during the week of July 4th.On Monday 13 guys off, Tuesday 12 guys off ect. ect.
    In the past,the guys that chose to work, were given holiday pay for 1 day out of the week(which most worked)and got paid doubletime.This year, they are not allowed to work double time and must take the day off.
    Feederdude, no comment.
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    I dont know what kinda crap your contract says on the matter.

    But on a holiday over the weekend, as was posted, if on a Saturday, we get one extra 8 hours regular pay. If on a sunday, we get monday off.
    There is not any time you are paid double time.
    Of course there is the funny way of looking at geting paid double time for a personal that you end up not being able to take. Yeah I guess you could make the point that you got paid double time for that day, but in reality you got paid your regular wages, cause you lost a personal.

    I dont beleive they can do that.

    Of course if anybody can get things like that done, it will be the guys in the north east.

  16. local804

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    You get paid double time plus the day on election day.We start picking vacations next week, so they have NOT done anything yet.I have not seen anything in the contract myself, re: this matter so I contacted the business agent with a bunch of other people.We all have the same master agreement and then we have the 804 suppliments.Our local usually has some kick butt agreements as compared to the other locals.From the pension, to the oph/sick days, I think ours is very very good. I think it was proups or toonertoo that only gets 2 sick days and 1 personel day off.I find that kind of funny because we get a total of 11. Local 804 was run by Ron Carey at a local level then he went international. Now we have Howie Redmond, who isnt a Ron Carey, but still better that most out there.I will say it one more time, they have not done anything yet but they are trying....
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    Must be a contract difference from one area to another.
    Local 79 gets to pick that week, I have it off.
    Management DID post the first week of '05, allowed the top third to pick, then blacked it out. No word yet but the union is on it.
  18. dammor

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    Only so many people can be off on the same week. Perhaps the top folks filled that week and that is why it is blacked out. On the other hand, it could be some sort of new demonic plan by UPS to make our lives even more miserable than they already are. (Just a little sarcasm there)
    What would appear to be true though is that our contracts are not the same. Sick days? Are you talking about your option week or do you actually have sick days? If you get sick here you are even sicker because you will not be paid unless you took your option week as a 7 day one at a time choice. Interesting.......
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    Local804, I don't mean to seem meticulous, but you misspelled "allowed".
    You spelled it "aloud"..

    I know we sometimes make spelling errors, but that one was just off the charts..not even close.

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    What supplement are you working under? I'm working under the Atlantic area supplement and there is NO language concerning the week of July 4th. The only weeks closed for bid are those that fall between Thanksgiving and New Years. The availabilty for every other week of the year, including July 4th, is governed by the number of drivers in the center under the following language:

    A minimum of fifteen percent(15%) of the employees in a center will be permitted off each week during the months of June, July, August, September, and October.
    A minimum of ten percent(10%) of the employees in a center will be permitted off the remainder of the vacation period

    It's pretty clear, no? Read your contract.