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    hi everybody I am a upser in china . DHL is really strong here . After 10 years service here they almost become a local company. they know how to run their business in Asia. maybe we still have to study. you know lots of people here knows DHL every where .but just people from major city knows UPS. and Fedex is well known here. strange ha?
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe Puritan what type of job do you have with UPS?
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    which city? my buddy just recently came back from china, he told me the same thing.
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    I am a ETSG od dalian a city in northen China . yes !we do have a long way to go in china . we have to adapt the the way loacl people do business .and we have to acting humblely.
    you know in China we are not the big brown anymore .here the big one is yellow .but we know we can do better than them it just need some time . China the factory of the world .so there are lots of the opptunity lots of the US or EU companys set up their factory here. and I know Intel will set their new chips factory in our city .this is a 2 billing $ project .I hope Intel is our SAG customer .
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    Just playing the devils advocate for one second here......
    Why would someone use UPS to ship international is they are aware of the great package race done by georgia tech and all of the other test performed by other groups. UPS only delivered 2 out of 5 while DHL spanked all 5 of them. They could blame the lack of sales leads or blame the teamsters (tie) all they want, bottom line is 2/5 is fuHJYun pathetic!
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    The German Post office (AKA "DHL") has spread like a virus. Most of the customers I talk to here complain about them but for some reason they are the [email protected]# outside our borders. It's bad enough we are losing business to RPS but to lose any to DHL is terrible. On a positive not I must remind people that we still deliver more packages world wide than anyone else. The problem is that there are some areas that corporate UPS seems to be ingnoring though. DHL obviously will deliver anywhere they can.
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    ups is not gonna take much off the plate from DHL or fedex in the chinese market. No enough market for the small parcel delivery field.........

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I read an article some time ago where the Chinese government recently approved more flights out of China to the US. FEDEX and NWA (Northwest) jumped at the chance, this made FEDEX the leader in daily flights from China.

    UPS did not even bid for these openings..UPS spokesman says they are "comfortable" with what they have. Don't know to make of this but thats a lot lot of tonnage inbound thats going to our competitors. Did anyone read about this?
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    What is the predominant language in your location, Mandarin or Cantonese?
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    "dalian a city in northen China "

    mandarin would be the correct answer.......
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    we don't have enough business to compete with fedex or DHL in china. we are trying........but it is not the matter of efforts. UPS spend millions on above and below the line promotions in china, but has yet to tap into the chinese mindset, we did have creation of a corporate image, however that doesn't fit the profile of where the money flows.
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    In Europe, certainly in Holland ,DHL is also a big player.
    Since they took over vGL a dutch company you see their yellow vans almost everywhere.
    Combining their different services will certainly give or have giving some problems; but I have no inside info on that.
    But when "we" had to combine excisting UPS-services with "bought" domestic and intra-european services in the early 90`s we did have some problems so they `ll probably/logically experienced the same.
    As for the integration in China; I hope they`ve learned from the problems UPS had in the 70`s when they started in Germany.....
    The difference in culture between US-Europe or US-China is not to neglect!!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands..
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    yes !you are right we speak mandarin here. hi MR_Vengeance you do know China ha?have you been to China before? and I want to know how is the situation of UPS in Europe right now? it must diffcult too when UPS set the first step in we get through this .
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    you got the point !!people think and act in EU US or CN is really different .and the way they do business is different too.I do not know but maybe EU and US have something in common.but in Asia it is different culture.we should adapt or ask locals to adapt? everyone knows the answer.
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    hi we speak Mandarin here .but with accent.if you are a chinese you could know where am I from when I speaking.
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    Welcome daniel son!

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    ups has been purchasing overseas shipping companies for the last couple of years. Ups needs to purchase a large company that does business internationally, like TNT. Ups should have purchased Exel before duetche post. This would have made ups the largest scs company in the world and would have vamped up international and domestic package numbers across the board. Some think supply chain and logistics are a money pit, but lots of small package revenue and jobs would come from that.
  19. I am comparing UPS in China to Nestle (the food company). China (and South Asia - India & Pakistan) are areas of tremendous growth opportunities due to the increase in population and imrovement in living conditions. It has taken Nestle quite a few years to establish itself, but their overall market presence (also on a global basis) and product reputation has definitely helped them.
    Chinese are very smart business people, but once trust is earned and face is gained, development will be very positive. It takes time to achieve both. It will also take some time to get the necessary alignment between the cultures of China and the USA. Therefore it is so important to get qualified staff from China involved from the very beginning.
    DHL is definitely a factor overseas (and has a very good brand recognition), but with a quality product every competitor can be beaten. And for this it takes dedicated personnel on a long haul.
    Compare it to the growth of Nestle China, starting from more than humble beginnings (in the eighties), but with a clear objective. You see the famous Nestle bird's nest, and you know that you get quality. Will it be the same for the UPS shield and brand? Long-term it will come.
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    Just give me a number 5 and a wonton soup