Ups Management Campains For Hoffa

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by any122, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. any122

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    UNREAL! management literally chauffered Hoffa throughout Louisville facility.Ok all you Ibt supporters this so called leader is for sure in the pocket of ESKEW no question about it.How do you trust the IBT to secure our future and be for the people when management is literally frosting the cake that we have to eat?The corruption goes deeper than the eye can see.How much more will Hoffa have to rub it in your face before you see the light?If there ever was a time for change it is NOW!!!This is why you should have more faith in the APWA two of our own not some corrupt thug who has one agenda and that is to make himself richer at the expense of the people that pay his salary.So as the new contract is worked out im sure in the end Hoffa and ESKEW will be laughing all the way to the bank.As for the hard workers at UPS we will have to just smile and keep on busting our backs as the give backs will hold up longer than the workers backs.Goodluck all you hard core IBT supporters.:mad:
  2. hoser

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    you're really over reacting. hoffa realizes that if employees actually believe they're in the back pocket of management, he wouldn't get re-elected.

    i'd rather have a union leader who works with management and carrys on discourse outside of negotiation (what you see as "hoffa being in the back pocket of ESKEW") rather than one who takes the same reactionary and combative stance you do. the teamsters have given their employees by far the best pay and benefits in the industry. unhappy work environment? that's the result of the union. you can't make $70 000 a year as a courier and expect to not be worked into the ground by apathetic managers.

    and don't be so stupid to think the AMFA won't get corrupt when they get huge. people act in their own self interest wherever you go. AMFA wants your money so their leaders can become rich. not better contracts and pension plans.
  3. 30andout

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    Please explain all knowing, what is AMFA???
  4. hoser

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    crikey! posting at 0400hrs should never be done by me. I meant APWA, the AMFA is the mechanics union my buddy used to work for
  5. 30andout

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    I'll give you that one, but APWA has plans set to keep corruption out of the APWA and I feel it can be done if it is controlled by the members.
  6. twnjrspc

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    Mr Hoser, no one wants to kill the golden goose. You can't seriously ignore Hoffa's conflict of interest here! The go along, get along scheme promotes weekness. Hoffa's supposed to be a leader! Not a follower! You don't actually believe for one minute that UPS pays you that $70,000 and benefits because they like you? Your comfy cosey, rosey posey outlook is exactly what Ups & Hoffa want. Keep your eyes on the prize, while behind the scenes they slowly divide and conquer, eating away at our future. Don't be one of those that in the end says: "Oh My", What happened? That fence rail your on has splinters!
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  7. hoser

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    Hoffa is supposed to be a UNITER, not a DIVIDER, IMO. :wink:

    Being buddy buddy with Eskew prior to the negotiation of OUR contract in 2008 IS beneficial. Remember that Hoffa is accountable to US, the employees. Don't lose sight of that when you see him in a congenial manner with an authority figure you resent.
  8. 1980

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    ANY 122 is just running a smear campaign for his APWA buddies.He accuses me of pro Hoffa IBT posts for cash but it really him that might have other motives for supporting Apwa. For the record, I post because I feel some of the comments on this board just need some common sense applied to them.(if i may be so bold).:cool:
  9. mittam

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    I agreee some of the posts do need common sense. Common sense would tell us all that if UPS was helping hoffa in re-election it would be against NLRB laws. They cannot legally help him run a campaign.
  10. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    remember a few years ago whem the DOT had a few open flights available into china and ups was interested in them. I believe hoffa wrote a letter on behalf of ups to the dept of transportation to win those new flights. Would that be an issue of being in the back pocket of ups, or did hoffa think that this could mean new employees and union dues. Did that seem like a conflict of interest since they also represent airborne(at the time), and some of the passanger alrlines who were hoping for additional spots.
  11. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    It's only illegal if they get caught. These are the same issues America faces in Washigton. Would you be so naive to believe that politicians follow the law, in good faith, 100% of the time?
  12. wkmac

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    AMFA is a rebranding of the IBT in their efforts to follow the lead of UPS. UPS in rebranding went from UNITED PARCEL SERVICE to just the 3 letter designation of UPS. The IBT decided in order to never be like the company decided to change from a 3 letter designation (IBT) but to also completely change it's name to one more suiting it's mission and vision ahead. Yeah you just knew it was gonna be one of those posts didn't ya!

    The new name AMFA stands for Anal Mother Fukkers Association and is a direct reflection of it's continuing mission to screw all of us UPSers as much as they can and never even use any grease. They won't even give us a reach around or a small kiss to show us they even halfway care!


    Sorry for the vulgar description but couldn't resist the humor and the sad part is there is some truth to it!

  13. wkmac

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    Speaking of Any122, I can't believe you take these pop-up propagandists serious to begin with. The more I see the IBT slaves overreact to these clowns the more I think maybe APWA has a real chance.

    Keep it up slaves as you make me more and more encouraged every day!

  14. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    So just because Hoffa toured the louisville hub, he's a corrupt *******? I think thats the problem with our company, its a damn fight day in and day out at my hub between management and union employees. If we worked together we could make this company great again.

    The security guy just asked me Friday "That wasn't Thor Johnson parking out by the customer counter was it? I KNOW he has a black diesel truck - I don't want him sneaking in here through the bay door because if he steps foot in this place..." Thor is the Local 79 business agent.

    I really don't understand how this is corrupting. Again, you people are PROMISING us the world under false foundations. Yes, I'll give you that the original fathers of the APWA have a GREAT idea for no corruption - but who will take their place? I'm 21 and just starting my career (I have 2.5 years in at UPS), so how can you Gurantee me it won't be any more corrupt than it is now 25+ years from now when it comes time for ME to retire? All you old schoolers are just thinking about yourselves and YOUR retirement.

    I will NEVER vote for the AWPA if it EVER comes into my hub. You are TEARING this company apart...just your arrogant ass post about how Hoffa should be battling the great evil of UPS - Why can't we WORK TOGETHER ? Isn't that what a BARGAINING agreement is?
  15. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Thank god your garbage hasn't came to our hub yet. You'll never get my pen to check YES for APWA. I think the APWA should offer diapers & bottles along with all the other promises you are saying you willing to give us. You are preaching a sad song - reminds me of the ant and grasshopper story I was told in kindergarten. I don't trust the IBT or UPS or ANYONE but MYSELF for my retirement life 25+ years from now. If any of the youngster UPSers like myself believe this APWA trash that they won't be as equally corrupt by the time we get ready to clock out for good, you are retarded. I don't care WHAT organization (Church, State, Charity) there is always somebody who gets screwed through GREED. Like I said, with my retirement I trust only myself.

    My father was an employee of Eastern Airlines for 34 years and I saw what a rapid life change that caused our family - including the divorce. Being a child of that, and going from eating out 3-4 times a week with mom, dad and going to disney world a few times a year to dad losing everything including his retirement and eating spam and instant mashed potatoes for dinner my mom DRILLED into my head, never follow in his footsteps and don't trust ANYONE but myself to put food in my mouth. I took that to heart.

    Sorry that some of you trusted someone else with putting food on your table.
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  16. disneyworld

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    If it's true then it only means one thing- he needs to go.
  17. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    Hey Fredless,
    Check my history there son. Not only from day one here but at the old Motley Fool UPS stock site before Browncafe I've always advocated the elimination of the entire union/employer provided pension plans and the medical coverage as well. I always found it ironic that about as many management folks as hourly are shocked and horrified at my suggestion. Any of your time already vested gets you a lump sum payout to be transferred to 401k, IRA or whatever vehicle you choose and then the responsibility is on you. From that point forward give the monies formally used for the aforementioned plans directly to the employee and let them be responsible for it and then they can pick a plan best suited to their own needs and retire and conduct their retirement life as they see fit and based on their decisions. No Eastern to you leave you hanging at the end of the day or in our case, a union or company to use this issue as political ping pong to manuever against the other playing the employee/union member in the middle.

    If you also look at some of the plans around the country, few that they are, some have been set up and administered by some of the various union locals and these plans for the most part seem in pretty good shape. I believe Local 710 in Chicago (hope I got the number right) has it's own seperate plan and hammers out it's own contract with UPS. From what I understand they've done pretty good for themselves and seems to have a good plan together that could be a good model for other locals to consider. A few UPSers are covered by the Machinist union and from what I understand including directly from an automotive supervisor who works with mechanics covered by this union, they have an outstanding retirement package that even this supervisor admitted he envied.

    I'm not opposed to large plans among groups of employees that are well put together and every effort made on behalf of the employee covered but the only qualifier no matter the plan is that participation is voluntary not mandatory. If an employee can opt out at anytime and withdraw the vested funds, then the pressure is on the Fudicary agent to act in a manner that provides the best product that is also safe as secure as can be expected. This more than any other element IMO would provide the mechanism for a secure and viable plan best suited for the longterm benefit of the employee.

    As for APWA? Again, as I've said before, it's nothing more than a cattle prod to use against the union leadership to herd them in the direction they should have been going in the first place. If a business believes it's customer base is totally locked into them with nowhere to go, it generally has no customer service and just does as it pleases for the business self-gradification and nothing else. However, if that same customer has a choice, then the dynamics totally change more to the customers favor and that customer now has some leverage to force the business to move to meet more of the customers needs.

    I believe that it's highly unlikely that APWA will ever replace the IBT as a whole at UPS but I do think it's a ballbat we should be willing to use to beat the IBT in a direction more advantagous to us UPS members.

    JMO as I've stated it so many times before on these issues!
  18. Braveheart

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    I do not know about all the other stuff but to say the union is the result of the unhappy work place is insane. The union does not overdispatch drivers, deny days off, deny 8 hour requests, give you 10 hours even when you have an approved 8 hour day, play favorites with bumping routes with seniority, short you hours on your paycheck, wrongfully deduct funds from your pay, pay you at a lower rate, deny funeral leave and funeral pay, work you as a cover driver at 22-23 dollars an hour and then on day 29 promote you and drop your pay to $14.70, hand out either excessive and or totally unwaranted discipline, call you a liar, a slacker, or overpaid while they count their fat stock bonuses, take your truck and replace it with a hunk of junk, follow you on your route and treat you like a criminal, look the other way while the brown nosers screw up yet go on a witch hunt for even the mildest of mistakes that you make, send you out on routes blind with no regard to your seniority rights, have you deliver in high crime areas after dark, give you 11 and 12 hour days your first days back from comp or disability, tell you they will help you out if you come in sick or hurt and then give you a 10 hour day, make you work split shifts from 5am to 9am and then 6pm to 10pm during forced lite duty with no regards to your family and sleep time, try to tell you that you can't wear comfortable sneakers even though you have been for 10 years, wronfully terminate you, wrongfully disqualify you trying to find any medical bull**** on you to take your job from you, screw you out of money on your rewards card, nitpick you about your undershirt color, sideburns, tattoos, shoes, hair style,etc etc talk down to you, disrespect you, try to strongarm your comp doctor, tell you that you are a permanent hire and then later on say nah your only seasonal and deny you your 30 day raise and holiday pay, lay off the cover drivers one day during every holiday week so they can pay them 4 hours at part time rate of say $10 an hour instead of 8 hours at $23 an hour, short you vacation weeks and option days, give you warning letters for a dog bite or for getting stuck on a bad dirt road, try to deny you and harass you about FMLA time, have you come back from Iraq after two years at war and be told you do not get any vacation or sick days because you were too busy fighting for our country you failed to get 156 reports sorry, all while others got promoted ahead of you and are topped out, force you to wear long pants over your cumbersome knee brace, deny you a beard or other facial hair, force unwanted mandatory overtime on you, assume that you are always at fault for any accident, assume that you are always wrong for every crackpot customer who calls in a bogus complaint, take away your safe driving years and charge you for an accident and issue you a warning letter just for getting stuck in a dirt road or driveway, but if you refuse to go down those same rodes the next time give you another warning letter for failure to follow instructions, treat you like a leper if you get hurt, force you to work late on Christmas Eve and even make you work it when it is a Saturday, pressure you to work when hurt or sick, or let you sit out on your route for hours then have to rush you to the ER for an emergency appendectomy, or promote on the ass kisser system instead of the seniority system, etc etc etc! UPS does all of these and more! The Teamsters are there to protect you from all this bull****. I think that just like the office of the president. It is just time for a change. Let somebody else have a shot at it. VOTE VOTE VOTE I HEAR THAT SO FAR THE VOTER TURNOUT IS LOW! IF THE NEW GUY WINS ARE YOU GUYS GONNA BE HAPPY YOU DID NOT VOTE? IF THE OLD GUYS WIN ARE YOU GUYS THAT DID NOT VOTE GONNA BE HAPPY? IT IS TIME TO SHOW EVERYBODY THAT WE THE DUES PAYING TEAMSTERS ARE GONNA SAY ONCE AND FOR ALL WHO IS GOING TO LEAD US!!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE
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  19. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    If UPS does all these bad things then I would have to assume the teamsters are doing nothing for the people they represent.Time for a real change.Join the APWA give two of your own a chance to make a difference.After all it should be a union for the people by the people.Not for corruption by the corporation:thumbup1:
  20. Ironshot

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    You think the tired old dinosaur called the IBT is healthy? Give it 7-10 yrs and as the central states pension fund goes broke the U.S. Gov't Pension guarantee corp. Calls up the companies still above water, let's say Yellow, ABF and some others including UPS of course...The Gov't says hey you contributors to this "Multi" employer Pension fund cough up the funds needed to meet the pensions needs.. The only thing to do is go bankrupt.
    The companies close their doors.. SO consider the idea of all the good money UPS puts in the pension in your name. Now, that pension solely in the UPS family of pensioners...Brighter huh?
    Now the IBT is a sick old dog that needs to be put down.
    Take time to examine how little you can effect change in the IBT, ask to see some numbers on the pension perhaps? Search the web and see how much and how many salaries on IBT officer can get...Hoffa "promised" to stop this, but he let it slide again.. After all it's just your money. Then read the APWA program. See how you vote, how persons with felonies can't hold office, see how an union official of the APWA can only have one salary, Don't listen to the knuckle dragger teamster, YOU DON"T WORK FOR THE TEAMSTERS!!! They are suppose to work for you. You see fredles, I have never needed or wanted a Union in my work place...I found a great job with a wonderful trucking company called Overnite.. I excepted the pay and benefits.. Great laid back work environment, Them the Teamsters come by and told us happy people they intend to unionize Overnite or PUT us out of business! Making me homeless, hungry etc.. Sorry this ol boy didn't much care for that attitude.. I will hand APWA a UPSF facility, and stick that sick old dog.