Rejected Supplement Members: Is your Local fighting for UPS or U?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Our local leadership here in 243 is beyond pathetic. They are non-responsive to members questions. The Local has yet to reach out and ask the Stewards what the myriad of issues are with the Metro Detroit Supplement. These criminals still want to give more contractual protections to a non-existent 22.4 employee than they do to a driver who just completed an already ridiculous 4 year progression. They don't want to address OT issues, Teamcare Deductibles, or Disciplinary language. We need improvements in all of these areas. Our supplement is unacceptable. The issues in question are properly addressed in our Local Supplement.

    Are the members of Teamsters Central Pennsylvania, Teamsters Local 804, TCI, Teamsters Upstate & West New York & Teamsters Western PA and Local 926 also being faced with combative, retaliatory or non-responsive responses from their local leadership?

    Until Hoffa/Taylor decides to just push our supplements thru; we still have a voice.

    We stand together against UPS and Hoffa/Taylor. We can gain major improvements THIS contract. The gains we secure now will serve as a foundation for our neglected and betrayed brothers and sisters of other locals.

    We will swing the wrecking ball that destroys the corrupt current leadership and leaves it in a pile of rubble. And then we will rebuild.

    We are now placing the cornerstone upon which the next UPS Contract will be built.

    It's up to the hard working UPSers in the 6 to stand steadfast.

    We have found the enemy and it us. Not really us....but people like the 243 rep who stated:

    In September 2008, Teamster Local Officer X told Plaintiff that he
    would do “whatever [is] necessary” to ensure his re-election: “This is my job and my livelihood, I do my job well and I will do whatever necessary to get re-elected.”

    This so called "leader" followed thru on his threat and the solid teamster running against him was discharged from a career of over 25 years.

    If you try to change the leadership; you will be retaliated against by UPS and the Pro-Hoffa Teamsters.
    And that is exactly what is wrong with the current Pro Hoffa Teamster leadership.

    Many of us will fall in this battle; but the few who are able to survive and take leadership positions will be a beacon of light for what the Teamsters should stand for. Like Dr. Spock so eloquently stated.... The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few....or the criminals.

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    Wow, just what we need in leadership positions...a bunch of Trekkies.
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    Lots of people with their head in the sand about IBT corruption, read the history books(or Wikipedia if you don’t have access to books) That vp out west that is on the executive board who can not be mentioned on this forum is a loyal Hofficer and learned from Hoffa, except the part about getting caught.

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    We had issues with our supplement (Upstate & WNY), our BA's were telling us to vote no to begin with. Unfortunately, they are only going back to the table to address the original concerns. They are worried about addressing new national language since there was already a split within our supplemental negotiating committee wether we should accept it. They fear it's an uphill battle to begin with, why pile more on.
  5. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Unfortunately, the lead negotiator is a close friend with UPS and more importantly, the labor "manager". He uses his ties for his own benefit and to secure full-time employment for his friends.
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    959 pushed and pushed and convinced people to vote yes on everything.

    BA did his job I guess. Clearly they had no interest in letting members decide on their own. Threatened strike and lay offs on a no vote, when anyone with half a brain knew that wasn’t reality.
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    What's your plan?
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    Our plan is to force the company controlled Teamster local 243 to properly renegotiate the supplement. For 243 to work and negotiate in the members best interest & stop colluding with UPS. We are demanding that 243 add new language to the Metro Detroit Rider mirroring the 22.4 language in the NorCal supplement We are demanding to be told what the exact number of protected RPCD positions are and what the exact # of 22.4s will be for each center in 243. We are demanding to be told what the Teamcare deductibles will be. We are demanding clear language protecting our right to extra work before a 22.4, etc. etc.

    One way or the other. 243s leadership has ensured that they will be voted out in the next local election.
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    will be working hard to clean out local 391
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    It's over, we got shafted with no lube. Done deal, time to move on. Either move on at UPS or somewhere else.
  11. DOK

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    Where can one view the NorCal’s supplement 22.4 language?
  12. browned out

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    click NorCal. go to article 22
  13. DOK

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    Is there any other supplements with this type of aggressive language to protect RPCD’s?
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    No. but every single supplement should have included those obvious protections.
    We voted our local 243 supplement down by the required margin, partially because of the 22.4 language and no protection for RPCDs.

    Our local leaders are coming to our small center on Thursday.

    Maybe they are coming to inform us that they accidentally left out a couple pages..yeah right

    I will post what the pieces of garbage state sometime Thurs or Fri. One thing for sure is that they will get an earfull.
  15. DOK

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    You are correct, they should have included these protections, because once this mess starts it will be near impossible to correct in the next contract.
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    That person you speak of on the left of Hoffa is one of the main reason our WCTPT is so strong and fully funded. THANK YOU R.A.
  18. Observer

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    How many supplements are still open to voting again? Don't need the local number just need to know how many locals are at a standstill. Five? Ten? a guesstimate?
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    Our central PA local said to reject the national, but support the local supplement.
    Both were rejected by the required margins.
    From what I gathered, the BA and and some stewards were talking to the drivers about changes.
    Yet, nobody from the union has spoken to or even approached the part timers for any input.
    I'm not surprised though, our local seems to treat part timers like trash.
  20. Don't worry the national will be visiting your building soon, acting like they give a :censored2:.