UPS mechanics-are you Teamsters or IAM?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ifixbrokenthings, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Ford finally killed the V10?
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    Is the PE Mechanic job hard?

    How is it to work for the PE Department?
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    Our guys say 2 days tops with two working on it. tthey store the engines in 20 foot containers which put on ground in what space they have available.
  4. Ifixbrokenthings

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    PE has a wicked application and testing process to even get the job. Basically you need mechanical, millwrighting, electrical, metal fabrication, welding and general contracting experience to qualify for the job. And now with the push in automation, one needs to be well-versed in machine/PLC logic
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  5. Redtag

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    The containers would solve the storage problem but you still have the time issue. Even a easy motor like a gm 6.0 will take up at least a day to pull it out and do the other stuff needed to store it .

    That's time I am not doing PMIs and fixing trucks. There is always something that needs to be done on these trucks so we really don't have free time.
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    You must work in the wrong place

    Mine spends his time playing grabass with the toothless clerk or smoking cigarettes behind the building

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    It looks that way. Good riddance.

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    I can do a VT swap in about 3 days with no distractions. And again in maybe a few months. I have/had one on it's 5th VT.
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    What engine does the new Ford freightliner have in them? It seems the have a safety for start up it doesn't have the same off the line get up like the old internationals used to.
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    Damn you guys are slow. You must be getting paid by the hour. :-)
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    They're union.

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    Freightliners do not get the Ford engine. They get the Chevy, which is a special UPS combination in that chassis.
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    We are not as fast as supervisors or people that used to be mechanics. No matter what job it is they could do it in half the time. It’s kind of sad all those superstars left the trade.

    We should bring in flat rate like when I was in the dealers, we had many trash can hero’s at the dealer that could turn 100 hours a week throwing the new parts in the trash, spray painting old parts to look new and could align cars without adjusting anything.... it was pure magic. Just one of those guys could do all the pm’s sirds, and oil changes without ever leaving the computer

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    PS The Ford PCs have a Ford engine, transmission and chassis. SAME body manufacturer. The Freightliner has an Allison transmission with the Chevy engine in a Freightliner built chassis.

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    I've met some of those guys.
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    I saw some crazy stuff in the dealers. Lol My wife thinks somebody should write a sitcom based on some of my dealership stories...
  17. Stop lying to these people and saying a PE mechanic's job is hard. If those application tests were wicked for you I have some bad news.
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    Are you a PE mechanic?
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    Your local obviously sucks, mine gets :censored2: done
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    What Local ?