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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Oktoberfest, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Ok so as I was signing up for UPS My Choice, there was a section where it asks you to answer a few questions to Verify your Identity...

    It asked me: what county I live in now. What month my brother's birthday is (using his correct name), and what city I used to live in.

    Now what I'm asking is: how did it get that information?

    All I did was enter my name, email address, and apartment address. The e-mail I used is relatively new and unused, and I only recently moved to this apartment less than a year ago.

    So how did UPS know my brother's name and his birth date, along with where I used to live?

    Sorry I did just sign up for the forum to ask this question.
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    This information is available from several companies such as D&B, ChoicePoint, etc. Big Brother knows a lot.
    UPS does not actually have this info ... it is passed through UPS systems from these 3rd party vendors and your answers back to them.
    They then give a Pass or Fail.

    The purpose is to protect you and shippers so that your inbound shipments are not diverted to a criminal.
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    So I was reading your question...............

    They even know that you drink mass quantities of beer in the autumn. Shocking
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    Do you have an IPhone??