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    Hello all,

    I have enjoyed reading over many of the posts the past few days and found a lot of answers to some questions I've had. I just started working as PT Loader last week and surprisingly enjoy it thus far, and was hoping someone could just clarify a few things I've been wondering and can't quite find a clear answer to.

    First off, I am definitely interested in becoming a part time sup(mainly for the tuition reimbursement) and have a few questions about that. I understand that you must write a letter of intent and nag the full-time sup, along with taking the MAPP(and passing). and being a competent employee.

    So say I finally do become a part-time supervisor, for some reason I was under the impression that the pay is just like $1 more an hour($9.50), but I'm hoping that isn't true. Do you become a salaried part time employee and again I know it can vary greatly but what at least would be a range of pay?

    I am still learning all the lingo(eg. feeder, sorter, pickoff, loader, unloader)and was curious if anyone ever made a little cheat sheet? I just know it would be a lot easier learning everything if when being trained, they would take into consideration that you are in fact new to the company and haven't been there the past few years.

    One final thing as far as benefits go, more specifically the prescription drug plan. They gave a little info on it but I was just wondering if anyone out there who actually uses it how "good" it is? I spend about $500 a month on 3 prescrips and job would be worth it if the prescrip plan would eliminate that expense.

    Thanks in advance and look forward to posting in the future.
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe. I have never known of a "cheat sheet" to learn UPS lingo, maybe that would be a good idea for HR to come out with. You will soon learn it all though. I'm a fulltime package driver, so I'm not familiar with your prescription question. Your health and other benefits are great though, that is why a lot of people come to work for Big Brown. :thumbup1:

  3. there used to be something of the sort (haha) at, it was called hub101 or something like that. I looked at it before but I can't find it now for some reason. Figures something of actual use is posted up there and its gone now (said file not found when I clicked the link):thumbup1:
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    Hey jpeahs! I also recently started working at UPS as a PT loader about a month ago. Like you, I have hopes of becoming a part-time supervisor. From what I understand, they are salaried and not part of the union. I was told their benefits are not 100% paid for either, although I also heard they make quite a bit more money than the 9.50/hour.

    As far as the lingo goes, did you receive a pocket reference book in your cornerstone training (the first week)? Although nobody kept them, I took mine home and it is filled with a good amount of basic UPS information including a glossary.

    Now I have a question myself which relates to yours, so maybe someone else could help. If I want to be a part-time supervsior, should I send my letter of intent in immediately or wait until I have been working at UPS for awhile? I'm really interested in that tuition reimbursement and I think it would be a great step towards a career in business.

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    Learn as much as you can and do different PT jobs to learn what it really takes to do the jobs you will supervise later. One month at UPS is a very short time. Going into management at this point would undermine your credibility with the folks you will interacte with later on.

    Take the time to learn all you can with a hands on approach. The last thing we need is more textbook supervisors that can spew the lingo on how to do the job but don't have the hands on experience to demonstrate it. Good PT sups will always be needed.
  6. old levi's

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    Years ago when I was part-time our insurance through Aetna covered 80% on prescriptions. Check with coworkers under your plan to find out current coverage. Side note: my insurance now as full-time with CS covers 50%.
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    I'm part time inside and Aetna pays 100% of prescriptions for myself and family. However, I may have hired in under a different contract. We do have to pay up front, then send in the claim but it has added so much to my income! We are both on expensive maintenace meds and the insurance has been a real bonus.

    Sorry, don't know a thing about going into management. Before starting any application, do as they suggest and get a good idea of how the place runs. Also, watch and listen carefully to what the pt sups go through. They have very little actual power and take an enormous amount of crap from both the hourlies and the higher ups.

    Welcome to the world of UPS and to the Brown Cafe. And best of luck in whatever path you choose. dw
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    thanks for all responses, appreciate it..
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    Ask, ask, ask. When I was making that choice I talked to every part time sup I could get my hands on. Ask them the pay question, the benefits question and the kicker is ask them how many of them are actually promoted to anything else after becoming a part time sup... I know many at my hub who have been part time sups for 5+ years with no real option of doing anything else. I say its a great job if you are in college and plan to only be around a few years..looks good on a resume' but if you are in it for the long haul...well...

    As a part time hub employee my benefits are outstanding, and the most I pay for prescriptions is 5 bucks..but most are free and my premuims are DIRT CHEAP..unheard of in this day and age.
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    It's not worth it to become a SUPERVISOR, steer clear.

    PT sups are mindless spineless FT SUP's punching bags. Yes PT sups make more than new hire union employees, but if you stick with the company you will be making more than them in the long run.

    Also, UPS can fire your ass at any time if you work directly for the company....
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    PT Supes are salary $1,200 to $1,800 gross per month depending on are and experience.

    They pay for their own health insurance and it is the same plan as part time hourlies...