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Anybody here employed by UPS AND Overnite Transportation-the newly purchased LTL carrier? I'm employed for both and have been told by UPS district level HR that UPS has implemented a policy preventing employment at both companies at the same time. I'm a 20 year UPS employee and have been employed at Overnite Transportation for 8 years. I've heard that any future hires at both companies would be prevented from working at both, but assumed current employees would be grandfathered in. I'm not a driver, so DOT hours problems is not an issue.

I have no intention of giving up my income from either UPS or Overnite without a legal fight. I contacted UPS corporate emloyee relations last Wednesday and still have not received a reply-no surprise there. I'm sure the only way I'll get UPS's attention on this matter is if it generates bad public relations or intervention of outside third party. It would be great if enough people were affected to create a class action lawsuit of somekind.

Anybody here in the same boat?


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Class actions usually only happen when there is a monetary settlement involved. This is because it is quite costly to certify a class and an attorney (or firm) wants to be reasonably assured that they will profit from the action. I would not hold out any hope for this resolution.

If I were in your shoes, I would wait a reasonable time for a corporate response (perhaps two weeks) and then inquire on the status again getting a persons name you spoke with. Failing in that inquiry I would probably have an attorney, who specializes in labor law, write a letter. That will most likely get a response of some sort. After that, I'm not sure what I would do but that same attorney should be able to advise you at that point.

Please note that the above is free advice and may well be worth exactly what it has cost you.


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Class actions involve a "class" which means there are many people affected by the lawsuit and are all involved as one instead of individually.

You very well might be the only one in the USA with this problem. IF not, I could not imagine that there would be more than a handful. That is not enough to start a class action, the way I understand class action lawsuits.

So that being the case, the path that traveler recomended is the prudent path, and the way I would go.

Good luck!



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Standard reply to anyone having legal problems with UPS:
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Find the best attorney in your state that is experienced in the field that you allege the breach to have occurred in. Ask them if they have ever represented UPS in any manner. Ask them if they have ever won a judgment against UPS. Check with a court clerk and see if you can figure out what sort of reputation the attorney has. Hire the best you find and dont back down, but be prepared for years of litigation.
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Realize that if they find any reason on either of your jobs to terminate you, they will do so in a heartbeat. Good luck, be careful.

PS> >You don't want class action.