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    How are the benefits for a part time supervisor? I've heard mixed reviews about them. I need a good dental plan more than anything right now and am just curious to know if its even worth becoming a part time supervisor. I was offered the position and am supposed to start later this month but don't know if the job will even be worth it. I would like to have it listed on my resume and for UPS to pay tuition reimbursement but I don't now if the stress and the benefits that come with this role are worth it. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!
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    You may want to ask a Mod to move this to the "Partners" forum then, because you won't get anything but grief and hatred in this forum asking a supervisor question
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  3. Luke2025

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    I'm new to the forum and wasn't sure where to ask this. Thanks for letting me know!
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    Do it for a year for the resume and then go get another job
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    You got meth mouth?
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  6. Luke2025

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    Haha not yet. Maybe after the stress of the job if I take it lol.

  7. You have multiple options for health and dental. Health ranges from a couple cents (with a massive deductible) to a couple hundred (tiniest deductible) per month. When I was pt I opted for the $5 a mo. with a 1.5 grand deductible. Dental is extremely good and cheap with the option for a DMO if a nearby dentist supports it. I was paying, I think, $6ish a month for 100%, no additional cost, coverage. In short, not as great as the union side, but still excellent options.
  8. Wally

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    Teef? Who need em' in Kentucky?

  9. RolloTony Brown Town

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    If you have an opportunity to get a part time union job then take that. Slightly less money now, better money later, way less stress. Dental plan is much better also.
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  10. Poop Head

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    Pt soup is a great career
  11. Yolo

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    How old are you?
  12. Box Ox

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    If you’re majoring in something useful and know you’ll be gone after you graduate, PT supervisor is a good way to go. The best PT supervisor I had while a preloader was a guy in school who had no UPS career aspirations and was good to everybody on the sort. He was smart and the FT sups treated him well because they knew he’d be OK with leaving any time and they wanted to keep him around.

    Also, not all UPS locations offer Earn and Learn tuition reimbursements to Union hourlies. So going PT supervisor might be your only option for tuition reimbursement anyway, depending on where you are.

    If you’re majoring in something useless, might stick around after school and you’re at an Earn and Learn location, union hourly might be the better way to go.
  13. Underallowed306

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    Worst. Mistake. Ever.
  14. trailer loader

    trailer loader Trailer Loader

    stay union, great medical, dental and vision, co worker went sup, and now is paying out his ass for those bennies, which, negates the "raise" he got to become a super
  15. Baba gounj

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    Pt sups are the lowest form of MGT and everyone above you knows it and will use it against you.
    { mgt likes to eat their own }
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  16. Two Tokes

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    You would be better off staying in the union and getting out healthcare free after you put the time in
    Unless you don't like to actually work and enjoy being abused by people above you and despised by the people you are suppose to be supervising
  17. MarvelousMunata

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    I had to go violently brush after seeing this
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  18. Yolo

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    The FT sups don't respect the PT sups. The PT teamsters don't respect the PT sups. And the FT teamsters don't respect the PT sups. You're basically a rent a cop. Dead end job. No future. No respect.
  19. MarvelousMunata

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    I had respect for the ballsie ones. The ones not afraid to tell the shift manager to :censored2: off n let us work
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    Please help us out and when you see this and tag a mod like myself.