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  1. ups is currently paying $31.91 / 48.87 on o.t. and there is a lot of o.t. with .48 raise coming on feb 1st. plus, bennies, retirement, ins., etc, etc, etc. :happy-very:

    instead of joining forces with the union and forcing fred to come up to ups wages, the people have choosen to work as slaves, thus someday forcing ups to come down to fred smith money at fed ex grownd. :angry:
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    what are you saying, I don't understand
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    "Pardon me miss, I speak jive"

    I think what the OP is saying is rather than FedEx employees joining together to try to raise the bar their inaction will allow UPS to lower the bar by restructuring their wages to bring them more in line with those of Ground. This is what I have been saying will happen when the concept of a two-tiered wage system will be introduced in 2013.
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    I keep hearing those rumors, Will take longer to make top pay, and longer to make book..
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    "Top pay" would not be the same as for current FT employees.
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    No offense but I am sure the hiring process at UPS is more stringent than at FedEx (especially FedEx ground & HD). Are you saying that virtually anyone can walk in off the street get a job with UPS and earn those wages??
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    The usual route is to get hired PT at $8.50/hr and work your way up through the seniority process to a FT job, which could take from as little as 1 to as many as 20 years. There are scheduled and contractual pay raises along the way as a PTer, who normally top out around $20/hr (or less).

    Off-the-street hires to a driving position start around $16/hr and after making their seniority have a 3 year pay progression before reaching whatever the top rate is at that time.
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    That is close to the average UPS driver wage, but it varies throughout regional contracts. I think my paycheck is $32.50/ hour. And don't even get started on the benefit difference. We actually had a driver show his check to a Fredwrex Ground gal, she began to cry in front of him, they had been telling these poor sods that they were making nearly the same. She lasted about a week then went to work at Office Depot.
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    Or the repubs with medicare. What we are seeing is those in control are willing to bite the bullet short term for the old timers. In return have them sellout their children. It's still a pretty damn ugly situation. Outsourcing is a two headed loser for labor. First you lose the jobs, second there are too many not working that the market drops for labor, so even if you didn't lose your job to out sourcing, it still affects you with lower wages.