UPS Plane Crash

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  1. scratch

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    The morning news is reporting that a UPS cargo plane crashed near Birmingham, Alabama. It didn't make the airport, large fires on the ground.
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    Rip and God bless
  4. Johney

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    Dude isn't that a little premature at this point?
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Hopefully no one got seriously hurt.
  6. bklynupser

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    News is reporting no survivors. RIP
  7. cachsux

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    Thoughts for our brothers.
  8. Mike57

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    Thoughts and prayers to all
  9. Integrity

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    Thoughts and Prayers to those lost and those left behind.

  10. Nimnim

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    I truly feel bad for all those involved though. My prayers go to the families effected.

    In respect of the loss of life I will refrain from possible insensitive comment. I wish for the best for all involved.
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    [​IMG]Here is a picture that the AP has posted.
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    I was listening to a news report of the event and the guy says this is the 6th crash in recent history.......but you'd have to go a long way back to find all 6.
    Does he even know what "recent" means..........??
  14. FedEx916

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    Thoughts and prayers go out to the pilots families. Condolences to anyone that knew them as well. This is a tragedy.
  15. ymelord

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    My condolences to the pilot's families
  16. BMWSauber1991

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    Yes, this is not the time to joke or talk crap. These are our co-workers, this is somebody's father or mother, this is somebody's child, these people mean the world to there loved ones who will now never be able to see them again. I give my condolences to their families. I am sorry for your loss.
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    r.i.p to our fellow upsers. my thoughts and prayers are with their families.
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    RIP to the pilots!
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    God bless the families affected.
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    RIP, this is just terrible