UPS: Road Driver vs City Driver vs Dry Van OTR

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by UPSDriver, Mar 23, 2015.

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    I have my Class-A CDL with HazMat, Doubles/Triples (and everything else).
    Found that UPS has the below openings in my area for the following positions:

    Full time City Driver (UPS Freight)
    Full time Road Driver (UPS Freight)
    Dry Van OTR (UPS Freight Truckload)

    Which should I jump on here? Which offers the better starting/senior pay and better benefits?
    Also, I hear "feeder" positions are the the most prized. Which one is that?

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  2. Johney

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    Those are all jobs with the freight division not really sure how their pay rate goes. Feeder is with the package division. Most feeder jobs are filled from within the package division..
  3. UPSDriver

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    Interesting. I thought it would have been the Freight side. What does a "feeder" do then?
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Think of our distribution system as a wheel with spokes and a hub. The feeders bring work from the hub along the spokes to the centers. They then bring work from the centers back to the hub.

    All of the jobs you listed are with UPS Freight, which is a division of UPS.
  5. UPSDriver

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    How does a feeder compare to the three different jobs I listed above in my first post?
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    Okay, full-time road position would compare to feeder, supplies the freight from yard to yard to be unloaded for the city drivers to deliver. These drivers mostly work nights and get paid by the mile mostly and hourly when they are not driving.

    Full time city is an hourly wage mostly done during the day time. We deliver to all types of businesses and even deliver to homes.

    These two positions are union paid, with union UPS Freight union benefits and pay. The pay is the same throughout the country, there is no pay bumps for higher cost of living areas or night work.

    The dry van truckload division is our over the road positions, think of JB Hunt, Schneider, Swift and the like, but with dedicated runs. This is a non-union position that depending on the account you work for the pay is different. I have no idea of how much the benefits cost.
  7. UPSDriver

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    Thanks for the break-down. I am leaning toward road-driver. But is it true they are forced to work the dock too?
    And even though it is "full-time" (40hrs?) Are you a career employee? Or not career until you have the seniority to bid on a route (10+ years?)?
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    Depending on what terminal/local you will be out of you might not have a choice between road and city. In our local, there's only one seniority list and every year guys move between dock, city, and road.