UPS SCS gone from Biel, Switzerland

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  1. What's going on with UPS SCS Europe? First they move from Antwerp to Biel, then they move all the SCS head honchos to Brussels and back and now Biel is closing but I can't find anything in the papers about it. Anyone have some links or info on why, when and to where it is going? It seems clear they have no idea what to do with the business long term or short term.


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    As the districts and regions consolidate in the US the same in going on internationally. It's all about cost and consolidating management jobs. If the cost of running SCS out of Brussels is less expensive than Biel, where there you have it.
  3. Yeah, but the thing I don't understand is that the office used to be in Antwerp which is pretty close to Brussels - then three years ago they move it to Switzerland because it was supposed to be cheaper. Then two years ago they move all of the bigshots from UPS SCS International to Brussels. Then six months later they move them all back to Atlanta and now the office is being moved back from Switzerland to Belgium. The whole thing just seems pretty damn confused. Just imagine how much it costs to move all of the people all over the globe all the time!
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    Is there a consoliation of responsibilities for both SCS and UPS International?

    I agree with you, it does sound confusing, but someone is making the call.