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    UPS Scs is now laying so many people off. if you are effected please respond to this forum.
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    All this time we, the people, were led to believe SCS was going great guns to the extent the current rumor is the company would rather get rid of pkg cars and just do air and SCS.
    Is this the beginning of the end? How many are being laid off? Should everyone sell their stock? Is this a "nationwide" lay off or just in your area?
    Thanks for any input.
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    It was real sad seeing people get walked out by Security. The day before, everyone was happy and work was getting done. Now it's even more harder to concentrate on work knowing that the same thing can happen to you. It's definitely been an eye opener.
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    why is this a bad thing? was my impression that scs wasn't hitting the bottom line and was bloated...secondly how does this effect small parcel and package division(the main bread winner)? scs is the worst preforming of all the ups subsidiaries...this can only help in stock far as the "begining of the end"...well something is going to have to just can't compete with the price of fedex or dhl, if our volume starts to decline year to year then that may be the flood gates opening, however fedex has their own legal battles (the whole "contractors" that are actually employees) and dhl...just look at the guy
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    There needed to be some cuts, since romanella took over in 2004, way to many additions, mainly region staff. Still need to cull the herd at Morris Road.
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    SCS has proven to be a challenge for UPS, but they're getting their grip. Layoffs as the end of the world? Huh? SCS is bloated in certain areas. They're returning to their hub+spoke model rather than a satellite system. Begining of the end? Right after they build a massive campus in Missisauga (their 3rd largest UPS faciltiy of any kind in the world) and plan expansion in the Netherlands? UPS moving out of the ground courier industry to concentrate on "air" and SCS? Do you actually buy that tripe? Who told you this rumour, a grade 4 commerce studies student?
    Sell the stock when UPS beats analysts and posts $0.96 return per share, even promising "better results" for Q4?

    Calm down!
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    Face it. FedEx is kicking your ass. UPS-SCS is laying off 1200 people so they can put freight on Brown tails. How original. We have been putting freight on Purple tails for years now. That's why we have MORE flights to Asia than UPS and DHL combined. Rumor has it that UPS-SCS will lay off up to 2500. And hey, yeah...that stock is doing a whopping $75. Let's see....last time I checked FDX was $115.00. Customers are tired of the Brown Army, and DHL sucks. Watch your back UPS. Your days of dominance are over. 100 years and over the hill. :laugh:
  8. I've Heard And Read Both Ups And Dhl Has Scs Trouble. This Is The First I've Heard About Any Of These 2 Comp Laying Off People. Don't Know If Laying Off Is The Right Answer, I Believe It Might Be Trying To Intergrate Thier Respective Systems With The Companys They Are Targeting.

    These Companys Are'nt Going To Wait Around Till Someone Comes Up With An Answer, Once Fedex Gets A Whiff Of Internal Problems, That Will Be The Ammo They Need To Snag These Accounts.
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    This response is typical of a jealous Fed Ex as$hole!!! It must suck working for a company that pay's you nothing close to us and on top of that you have to pay for your benefit's!! Why else would a Fed Ex as$hole be on a UPS site? Does anybody that work's for parcel go on Fed Ex site's to bash them, Hell no what do they have to offer us that most of us aren't allready getting. Go back to your own site and keep dreaming about working here. Also for us east coast boy's what is SCS???
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    You know absolutely nothing about stocks and this comment proves it. You are the grade 4 commerce studies student! And if you still don't see the stupidity in this quote, look up "stock splits" and "equity value". Idiot.

    And of course FX's air network dwarfs UPS. This isn't really anything new, although you seem to find it ground breaking and controversial.
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    Your an to talk dividends?
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    Brunmonger, the value of the stock is what`s important. I, personally am glad that your (FedEx) stock is doing good. This makes our bargaining position much stronger come contract time. The better your numbers look, the more money I make.


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    oh my gawd. UPS is making money hands over fist. Im not sure why everybody sees job cuts they freakout. All these cuts the last few years have been from companies ups has bought, except for the tech employees. Tell me what company who buts another DOESNT make cuts. Historically, ups has been one of the few companies who have not laid people off. In the package division they are hiring like crazy and will continue to do so with the influx of retirees in the next few years. And the dumb **** fedex driver has to be from the express unit because the groungd guys are almost about as hard of workers as ups. Except for the fedex freight, fedex really doesnt have jack on ups. Remember ups isthe largest in the world. If fedex twas going to put ups under it would have happen years ago. Dhl is really trying to put BOTH ups and fedex out of business....sorry dude isnt going to happen on my watch. You got a bigger problem, fedex has been cutting lots of routes across the country and making them 2 part time jobs. This is going to continue to happen. Had one of your drivers with 10 years with the express unit tell me about this. They just told him they were cutting him off his route. Do you know what he did....quit. He was asking about ups. great job fedex. Wait until the ground guys slowly go union. Oh ****....Fedex is going to be for a rude awakening. Whatever way you think about the union doesnt matter but you want to talk about job cuts, wait untilthe express and ground units merge. Remember ups and some of dhl are union. We are making large profits...READ:BILLIONS, with a union. Fedex wont be able to do this. Ha, pay for uniforms, gas, trucks, benis, vacation. FEDEX IS RAPING THEIR GROUND DRIVERS. Why do you think there are so many routes for sale all across the country. Very few drivers make the 100, 000 plus salaries. Do you feel proud to work for a company like that. BTW, if another strike did happen, I can GUARANTEE you that fedex and dhl would still not have the drivers and infratructure to take all of our volume. Im not going to continue. F. U.
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    By the way, talk about stupidity, who the hell flys ground packages. Yep dhl thats who. I want to know why they have room in there to fly a 5 dollar package. maybe because out air volume is going through the roof. Tie can tell you how long thats going to last.
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    Brown Observer, like I said to Brunmonger. UPS will want to settle contracts early or by the deadline so there will be no interruption of service. They know that their customers will not be caught with their pants down this time if we strike like last time. Both sides always make concessions in every contract. So yes, I believe that our position is much stronger because of the increased competition
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    Dont really know yet, As i know at the moment there's 600+ that are getting lay offs.
  18. Look Einstein,

    Fedex May have a higher priced stock, but you need to look at the number of outstanding shares out there. UPS is the King...
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    SCS is making money .. but as the other poster said they are bloated. They offered substantial salaries to staff the subsidiary so now we need to unload those that aren't earning their keep. There are also rumors of a major SCS billing FUBAR that cost UPS $87 Million dollars this year ....

    For those who ask was SCS is ...

    Welcome to UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  20. With respect to market capitalization, UPS has a market cap. of 82.05 billion versus 35.53 billion for FedEx. Nuff Said.