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    I just went to the UPS Store near me to ship something that's 26lbs. and 51x20x10 inches. The girl there said it would cost $170 so I left. Then I went on and created a shipping label for it using all the accurate information and it only cost $50. Can I just take it back to the UPS Store and drop it off? Did I miss something (I used the exact measurements and weight the girl used at the store)?
  2. DS

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    Yes you can,or just take it to any ups driver.
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    No , you didn't miss anything. The UPS store has a shipper account with UPS that allows it a discount versus what you can get on So when you ship with the UPS store, the difference between that price and the discount is the profit. Apparently, this store isn't happy with that profit and wanted to pad it by 120 dollars more.

    That's my take on it. If I am wrong , I am sure to be corrected.
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    I would assume the girl entered something wrong at the ups store
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    Maybe but I have had the same experience as the original poster on a few occassions. I don't remember where I saw it, but the upsstore says they will give you the same price as you get on So one time, i had a package measured and weighed and said $9.20 and the ups store said $27.30. I then remarked to the clerk about how i checked the price on already and there seems to be a difference.

    After a few seconds, "oops, I see I entered it wrong".

    Of course , you did.

    This has happened to me a few times over the years.
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    HA! Just google ups store rip off ,ripoff report city:tantrumsmiley:
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    UPS stores are independently owned and operated. I really don't know how some of then make any money after they pay all the overhead considering the amount of packages that get pickup.
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    Yes and if it were me I would bring your shipping receipt as well.
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    UPS store on a route that I cover has around 50-60 packages to be picked up at 4:30. Only about 15 show upon the end of day. So the rest are just drops off paid at about 1$ each. Can't see how they make $$$$
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    I think you all are missing the fact that they don't just ship UPS packages. They have mailbox service,Notary,copies, some also go and pick up freight and pack it, all that adds up in a day. What they get from UPS is only a fraction of their total business.It has to be because from what I've picked up from UPS Stores would not cover the rent.
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    A local UPS store routinely publishes "50% off UPS Shipping" coupons. I was quoted ~$20 to ship a package (already boxed & ready to go) with the coupon; via my phone, the UPS website quoted me about half that. Shamefully, I shipped it FedEx Ground -- their megahub was less than a mile up the road, whereas my UPS center is over 40 RT.

    We service several UPS stores that ship out hundreds of packages via multiple pick-ups, although most provide us with a few dozen packages or so. And at some, the consumer drop-off option is picking up, although it's usually NDA packages to area businesses.

    Lots of disgruntled UPS Store owners, but lots of happy ones, too. A driver in our facility owns three (original owner, not acquisition). He told me it's enabled him to pay off his house, buy a second (vacation/future retirement) home, allow his kids to graduate from college without debt, provide jobs for his family, etc. It's not a sure-thing, but what franchise is? Lots of lawsuits from Quiznos, various pizza chain, various coffee shops, etc. going on.

    Biggest problem is that the franchise model established by MailBox Etc. and Kinko's is largely obsoleted. Most services (computer access, Internet access, general fax & printing, etc.) are now available in people's homes whereas business printing services are available via the Internet, OfficeMax, etc. at a more competitive cost. FedEx has been busy shuttering or relocating former Kinkos located near college/universities -- once the core of its business, there's no longer a need for it (just a few years ago when I was completing my BA, I was required to turn-in fancy documents... now my alumnus requests that everything's turned in through the Internet, to go Green and catch plagerism more easily.)