UPS: Transformation Initiatives Will Be Beneficial


To hell with hubs and expansions.....I'd settle for a building that didn't leak when it rained.

I'd settle for belts and rollers designed to handle the volume we see daily (building was built for 1000 pkgs an hour - we do 3000)

I'd settle for a computer monitor that was NOT 1985 monochrome orange.

I'd LOVE to work on computer programs I didn't have to manually change the date on (I am not kidding).

It would be awesome to actually scan more than 6 consecutive packages without needing to reassociate my scanner.

A sign on the exterior of the building telling customers where the customer counter is would surely keep the masses out of my air-dock.

Pavement outside the building that was actually graded higher than that inside would keep the rain and snow outside.....

But, lets build bew buildings....certainly. Why upkeep the ones we have.


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Scott needs to be in front of more customers period. The service levels have fallen off dramatically we spent more time trying to retain customers then penetrating them.