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    All I hear is how great Fed-ex is doing and all the pks they stole from Ups,they are growing at such a fast rate,is UPS even gonna be around in 10 years? see they dont have union so they save a ton of $$$$$,they will make more profit,,what do we have to do to stop Fed ex? asking you tie guy,your my favorite on this board,you know what your talkink about,,,p.s love ya UPS
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    Did someone forget to give macafee his/her meds???
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    We have to get on the same page. I don't believe that UPS and the teamsters are on the same page. The comments from the pilots union about upcoming negotiations intrigue me. I hope those negotiations are successfull and therefore become a model for future negotiations. I understand we have a few hurdles and a few barriers to break down to get there. I hope we find a way. I would love to see a day where we have a close kinship with the teamsters and they actively sell the superiority of union labor at UPS. The other direction would be that we recognize we cannot compete paying union scale and therefore push to decertify. I believe such a move would hurt this company tremendously.
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    In my hub the union and the company are pretty much on the same page. The company people talk about how they like the union because it helps them enforce the rules correctly. The union talks about how it won't allow the company get away with stuff it shouldn't. We disagree sometimes on performance issues but the union usually wins. What we do agree on are #1 SAFETY and #2 QUALITY and #3 performance. It is really hard to defend someone with constant missorts. I am an alternate union steward and can say that I know something about it.

    I don't know about where you live.