UPS worker's feedback


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Hi, I am a fellow UPSer working in small sort and i'm doing a paper for school about what it is like to work at ups from different people. It would be very helpful if some of you could tell me why you chose to work at UPS? Which state you are in? If you like the job? Basically any story of yours that you would like say about what you thing of UPS.


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before I answer your questions, answer mine.

What college is assigning you this paper?

For what course?

What supplement do you fall under?


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I work at the the hub in Hodgkins, IL as a small sorter/ bagger. Like I always say it is just a job for right now, I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for it, plus it was my first real job and it can help pay for college. The paper is for an English class at Columbia College Chicago.


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Started young liked the $$, finished school & still liked the $$, now this body is falling apart. I stayed too long.
Not happy with today's mgt. too many yes men/women, they keep asking for favors from us ,yet give none back.
Its all about the numbers; how good they look.
I would enjoy seeing someone who can take charge & overstaff the centers so that everyone could have a less stressful day.