Ups Working Termination?

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    Working Termination? What is this I cant find it anywhere in the union book. There always on my back just me for misloads. I know for a fact im not the only one. What can i do to defend my self?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Stop misloading packages.
  3. Christmas

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    its hard to do at my place with all the cuts and adding in trucks and cutting them down
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    file a herassment grievence
  5. Christmas

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    becuase thats all it is. there screwin with me.
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    Why do you have to keep making sense.....:happy-very:
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    Working termination: The company can only terminate for cardinal sins infractions. Your misloading of packages is not a cardinal sin(except to the drivers that have to shag them off), therefor they must take you to a panel hearing and try to trminate you that way. It will take them months, depending on how many panel hearings your area holds, and unless you have :censored2: off your union reps, the panel will deadlock, and then they will need to get an arbitrator to agree with them to discharge you. It's the companies way of getting your attention.
  8. JonFrum

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    National Master United Parcel Service Agreement
    Article 7 --- Local and Area Grievance Machinery
    "Except in cases involving cardinal infractions under the applicable Supplement, Rider or Addendum, an employee to be discharged or suspended shall be allowed to remain on the job, without loss of pay unless and until the discharge or suspension is sustained under the grievance procedure."

    Also check your Supplement for additional language.

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    They should have also followed steps. (at least that's how it works in our suppel.) 1st. talking to with a steward. 2. unoin letter explaining your a danger to society and UPS and that if your actions continue they will be forced to discipline such as suspension or termination.

    Also make sure no one else is in your trucks. I use to take it as a free misload day if anyone else loaded in my trucks for some reason. If it happens make sure you tell your sup and even more importantly your steward that so and so was loading in your trucks and your not going to be held repsonsible for any misloads.
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    Guys its been 10 days and i havent gotten a supension letter. but i got my termination letter ***? is this possible? 10 working days couldnt i just file one over untimley?
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    Have you had any talk-withs or anything? Need more bkgd. What is your misload freq. Have you ticked off any sups? Are others being tw/written up for misloads as well? Demand to see their paperwork. It's your right.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    It's UPS. It's managements company. You are just a rental. They don't have to give you a verbal warning or a written warning. They only do so because they are building a paper trail that won't leave you a leg to stand on. Because when they fire you, they will show the many ways they tried to reach out to you, to help you with your misload problem. By the way, here is a test...

    1 goes red
    2 goes blue
    3 goes green

    Where does 2 go? If you said blue, congrats!!!! I just trained you how to check packages via the brown cafe.... Check the packages dummy.... Your Welcome
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    your an *******.
    hahah your a funny guy.
    yes i can read. things happen im only human and im not god and do not pretned to be him,therfore i make mistakes. whos to say when im cutting from a truck the other drives are throwing stuff on to them.
    who can prove it was me.
    i was looking to find help on here not to be made fun of.

    But anyways thanks for the training via browncafe
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    Acutally yes i did tick off a sup. They wanted me to walk a pup off for the thrid year of me working there. I had seniorty therefore i refuesed to be a helper and to walk period.
    i told them i would help only if i could ride on a truck and its been down hill form there.

    Besides that i asked to see paperwork and asked what the addresses where and they couldnt tell me. I had a talk with a month before this all happend.
  16. Christmas

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    Free day when someone eles walks in your trucks how do you explain this one to a sup?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Great advice, demand to see managements paperwork? You guys work for management. When someone asked me to see my paperwork, I laugh at them. When someone asks me who's watching my supervisors do union work, I laugh. Managment doesn't have to answer any union personell PERIOD.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    You don't. You might as well quit if you are going to load misloads. The guy that told you it's a free day when someone else walks into your truck is a worthless moron. Try reading the labels out loud. Or take a crayon into work with you and slash every label before you load it.
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    Don't listen to people like "UPSSOCKS" and the like. Management, particularly the dispatch and preload sups in this case, know that they are screwing up by constantly adding and cutting stops and are using you as a scapegoat. When there are multiple preloaders (and probably preload sups: but you don't have to acknowledge that) walking in and out of the trucks and loading and reloading packages what the hell else is going to happen? To not have misloads would be a miracle. The best way to fight this is to try and read each label in each truck before you leave. Your sups will, of course, want you off the clock and when that happens just document it. Also.....slow down and read each label twice. I'm sure you'll be yelled at for not being able to keep up but don't worry about that. They can't have their cake and eat it too.
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    Fortunately for us, your opinions don't matter. Your employer has signed a contract with the Teamsters that has a grievance proceedure which they must follow. Also the NLRB and labor law have lots to say on the subject.

    Sometimes, UPS not only turns over its paperwork, they also turn over small pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents on them. It the California case involving unpaid lunches, for example, 87 million pieces of paper with dead presidents!!!