discounts after retiring?

Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by bigdave987, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. bigdave987

    bigdave987 RETIRED!

    As a UPS employee I used for discounts on my vehicle and cell phone.

    I hadn't logged in for a while and it appears that I am no longer able to log in since it has been a year since retirement:)

    I vaguely remember reading the discounts stating eligibility for retired ups employees but maybe I am mistaken?

    Do any of you retired upsers access for discounts? Is there a current way to sign up if retired?

    thanks for any info/help
  2. rwsmith67

    rwsmith67 New Member

    I am also retired and was told after a phone call to the UPS benefits center that after 18 months of retirement you are no longer able to log in to UPSERS.COM, and are no longer eligible for the discounts, the discounts are even more useful when you are retired !!
  3. bigdave987

    bigdave987 RETIRED!

    thanks ups75. Do you still log in?
    forgot to mention I was a driver so I don't know if it is different for management versus drivers.
  4. rwsmith67

    rwsmith67 New Member

    Big Dave, I am no longer able to log on. I too was a driver, and I think I read that mgmt. is still eligible for the discounts but not hourly.