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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by mattwtrs, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. mattwtrs

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    I was driving by a UPS package center & noticed there were a couple of Freight pups in the corner of the parking lot. Could this be the start of something?
  2. Loco170Brownie

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    Thats funny, I see UPS F trucks hauling UPS pups all the time. Leads me to believe A. UPSF is moving my work, or B. we use the same pups as need demands.

    Leaning to A as I have started to see F trucks del to homes on my route,
  3. nickelplaterick

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    Our "new" UPGF pups look a lot like package pups except for the UPS Freight on the side. The other difference is that our taillights are horizontal while package pups are vertical

  4. bobs barricade tester

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    These are "zone drivers" ups has started a bunch of them in the past few months there filling in the map of our coverage with these people and once the freight grows there they will then look for a terminal to place them in.
  5. JimJimmyJames

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    I notice them at the Meadowland hub and they are usually filled with palletized load retainers.

    On another note, I don't think Freights pups can be be connected to a package pup because we use two different styles of dolly that places the pintle hook higher on a Freight pup. I also think Freight dollys provide all the air lines where on a package dolly your lead trailer must provide one line.
  6. lazydriver

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    I remember years ago when Preston freight went out of business and Carolina freight I think merged with ABF Somehow UPS package got some of their trailers and dollies. I hated pulling them the dollies were heavier and the trailers just had the old logos painted over. You could pull their trailer as a rear on a UPS dolly only.
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  8. Buckethead

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    we cant hook your dollys to our pintle hooks, or vise versa. but they still have the fifth coulpling in common. they can be mix-matched. Right?
  9. mattwtrs

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    Last I knew there is an industry standard where any brand 5th wheel can hook up to any brand king pin if there are that many manufacturers left.

    So yes a UPSP pup can be hooked up to a UPSF pup provided the right dolly is available.

    Are there any of those BNSF pups still around that had both the high & low pintle hooks on them?