Urine containers left in package car.

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    Well I have been serving my sentence on the pre pre load since I hurt my foot. One of my jobs is to remove all of the trash from the package cars and to keep them swept out. It doesn't bother me to go in and pick up all of the empty half empty bottles of water and pop bottles. Get all of the trash out from behind the dash but I draw the line at bottles of urine stuck in the supply rack.
    Yesterday I found a full bottle of urine in a pepsi bottle (no I did not open it to see if that is what it truely was, just something you knew).:ohmy: Since no supervisiors were in the building at that time I took it in and sat it on paper where I also place packages that are found in the car that should have been taken out the night before.
    Well needless to say the driver who is covering my route was the guilty party and was hacked off that I ratted him out. I just felt like someone needed to be aware what was going on. It was their choice (management to not throw it away before the drivers got there 7 hours later. So today when I go in the same car he has stuffed the rack with about 8 empty bottles with a note saying do not touch my bottles. Such a cry baby some of the bottles he picked up off the side of the road. I did not throw them out this morning but tomorrow will resume my trash pickup and leave him one bottle. If he chooses to pee in it he better throw it out when he gets back.
    I run a rural route which has trees and bushes that if you really need to you can hide and relieve yourself. I am female and have hit the bushes more than once since there are no bathrooms out there or they are way too dirty to use.
    So was I wrong to rat him out... I don't think so..
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    I think you should have brought it up with him first but find no problem with bringing it to a different level. Some things there is no tolerence for, thats one of them.
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    He is not approachable. Always has a chip on his shoulder about something. Very negative person that is why I thought management should handle it.
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    Why would you as a loader be responsible to clean out the car? That job is usually for the car wash. Next time you encounter that kind of problem do what I told the car washers in my building to do, just take the bottle remove the cap and carefully place it on the dash of the truck, if the driver give's you any problem then go to the center sup and have the driver explain why he couldn't throw away his own waste!!!!! It worked here!!!!
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    I am a package car driver that is restricted from driving from a nerve problem in my foot.. That is why I said pre pre load. I go in at 130 and do carwash, audit cars, get feeders ready for preload and then work preload to get in my 8 hours.
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    If that driver was as intolerable as you claim then I think you did the right thing. I mean, if it offended you that much . . .

    Of course, if we all had rural routes and could just go in the bushes all would be fine and dandy. Unfortunately for me I have a city route and I do utilize a urine bottle. And yes I have been known to forget to empty it at the end of the day. And yes I have gotten a bit agitated when I have found that someone recycled my bottle on me the night before, especially when my teeth are floating and i'm in the back of the truck frantically searching for it.

    But since I use one myself, if I had found one in another driver's truck or even in my own if someone was covering my route I'd probably just laugh it off and start cracking on the guilty party the next time I saw him or her. Because, seriously, who am I to judge?

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    Next time call a haz mat responder!! Leaving pee bottles in cars unacceptable.:lol:
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    He is covering my route while I am not able to work. So there is no problem finding bushes or trees to hide oneself. I personally find it very offensive to leave urine in the car. What if you happened to be sick the next day and someone else was covering for you and found your treasure:ohmy: I think you have to be responsible and remove all bodily fluids from the package car.
  9. under the radar

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    Why should anyone have to clean up after another driver. Pick up after yourself for crying out loud!

    Car washers should clean windows, wipe down the dash occasionally and wash the trucks. Period!

    I can't tell you how many times I've had to "police" my truck with a DR bag after I come back from vacation. Or pick up the mountain of COD envelope strips in the check-in area. Or clean out the shoe shine area; throwing out open cans that have dried out and are of no use to anyone.

    You don't have to be obsessive to just be courteous.
  10. Harley Rider

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    Funny story on this subject.

    (true story...... names have been changed to protect the innocent):wink:

    One time a long time ago in a far away galaxy I was ......... I mean there was a driver that had to go bad. So he parks his P600 on the side of the road and steps in the back to relieve himself. About the time he was finishing business there was an awful racket and he realized the bulkhead door had closed. Now on the newer cars this would not be a problem. For the older drivers you will remember there use to be latches in the cab above the doors to hold them open or shut. Being the good driver he was, the chain was latched on the back door so it seemed he was locked in the back of his truck in a rural area with little or no traffic.

    Since the package car was tilted towards the ditch the door chain was just out of reach through the circular hole that was cut out on the door. Damn!! My kingdom......... I mean his kingdom for a cell phone that wasn't invented yet! So his mind is racing a mile a minute. What to do, what to do???

    Being the Macgyver type guy that he is he knows there has to be a solution. Maybe one of these packages has an acetylene torch in it! No no no! That would be a bitch to explain when he got back in.
    A light bulb goes off above his head. If he took his pen he might just be able to reach that chain. After about 10 minutes he finally secures the chain and slides his pen inside a link. What is this??? The pen is bending before the latch will open!! Is there no end to this madness? Ahah! He fishes in pocket for a paper clip. Everyone knows a paper clip always works in sticky situations. Drat........ no paper clip. But whats this? A pocket knife! Holding the chain in place with the pen he inserts the knife in the chain and yanks hard. Prestola!!! The door opens with a rush and fresh air instantly fills his nostrils. Now wer're back in bidness.

    I'll have to admit I have been guilty of leaving my bottle in my car once or twice. Thankfully my car wasn't washed that night and saved me the embarrassment and wrath of my fellow workers.
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    Want to so solve the problem. Heres how. We had a guy who did number 2 in the back of package car in the dead of summer. After it baked we scraped it in to a dr bag and put it in the middle of the centermanages desk with note. Never happened again. NO IM NOT KIDDING.
  12. Harry Manback

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    It could be that he left it accidentally. I would've approached him about it first. If I were the offender, the embarrassment of being confronted about it by a co-worker would've been enough to cure my forgetfulness.
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    lmao, Welcome again, When I first started with UPS we had a p500 that had the wooden bulkhead door with the circle. Great story keep posting. It also didnt have the little step where the gas pedal was. Those trucks were a accident waiting to happen.
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    Is it my imagination or is this thread a "summer re-run'??:sad:
  15. DS

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    No more... it is not your imagination and to be honest I'm sick of these pee bottle threads...I`m thinking of moving it to a more appropriate one...chemical spills...
    I see no reason to pee in a bottle unless you are at the hospital,or in the belly of a big illegal ship coming to America,
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    Whoa whoa whoa, I believe bodily fluids are considered hazardous materials... better get a sup! :thumbup1:
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    I thought the same thing more! Yet here we both are reading and responding. . .guess we both love a good re-run!:tongue_sm
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    LOL DS! I used to hate (not that I love them now - I am just not in a hospital right now) those overfull urinals in the hospitals!
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    Next time pour the urine on his own seat,make sure you pour it slow so it absorbs real good.After it seeps in all night ,the next day everytime the driver plops down on his seat he should get a good whiff of his own medicine.(He doesn't have to know you did it)Nobody should leave their garbage or the bodily fluids in their pkg cars.Pick up after yourselves!Your Mom dosen't work for UPS.
  20. One time when I called in sick I came back to work the following day to find a #2 wrapped in a plastic bag that one of the split drivers left on my truck. He of course denied it. Are these guys running around so much that they have no time to find a bathroom. Ill admit I have had more than one use for a soda bottle but only in an emergency. Cant even imagine having to go #2 in back of a package car and my route is not in a rural area as if that would make much of a difference...