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    Ok so i have been on short term disabilty for 4 months and wont go back for another month I was told to go in to work to pick out my vacations for next year, well after i filled them out my manager told me that i may not receive all my vacation time due to not having enough points or days in????? i apparently need 156 to get my vacation for next year i was told i will have 143, now is this days reported to work?????? i was also told i wouldnt be able to find out until next year when we get our checks with new vacations, does anyone know how this works????
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    Your supervisor is right---you have to have x amount of reports this year to get all of your vacation weeks next year.
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    Considering I have been through this, unlike some others, you will get a most of your vacation time. It's prorated. I was on comp and came back in November of the following year. I received partial vacation( 1 and a half day's), and partial sick/personal days. I think I got one each. It's been a while.
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    I would call your business agent instead of trying to figure it out here.
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    Yes, somebody knows but they probably aren't going to materialize here.
    Vacation language is usually contained in regional supplements.
    As 407 said, contact someone knowledgable within your local.
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    Comp is significantly different than short-term disability.
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    Your supervisor or manager should have a chart or spreadsheet that tells him or her what everyone is entitled to. An email to payroll by them would be the easiest way to get your answer.

    I remember people getting 3.3 days paid vacation and that person wanted to work 1.7 days because they needed the money.
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    your best answer will come from your union hall, just a heads up look at your last check and see hours worked year to date see if it's the same as your center manager said it is.. good luck